Two not quite so Big Xs join the Krone V12 range

In the world of forage harvesters, bigger is most certainly better and Krone prides itself on leading the pack.

Two not quite so Big Xs join the Krone V12 range

Two not quite so Big Xs join the Krone V12 range

The company has just launched two new forage harvesters at the highest end of the market, both powered by the same Liebherr V12 engine used for its existing top-end machine.

Popular power bracket

These fit neatly under what is claimed to be the most powerful agricultural machine in the world, the Big X 1180.

The smaller of the two new arrivals has 976hp to offer, while its larger sibling can go at the grass with 1,074hp, somewhat below the top spec Big X, which remains at 1,156hp.

Harvester Big X engine
Twin exhausts vent the V12 lurking beneath the canopy

Known as the Big X 980 and Big X 1080, they are available to order as of now and answer an increasing global demand in the 900hp to 1100hp segment, according to Krone.

The Big X 1180 is said to have performed well ahead of expectations since its introduction in 2018, giving the company the confidence to expand the range of machines powered by the meaty 24L V12.

Engine management

All three models in the range are compliant with Stage V and Tier 4f emission standards (the latter requiring only SCR emission treatment).

The two new foragers are fitted with the updated PowerSplit feature. PowerSplit gives the ability to customise the available engine power to suit different requirements at the touch of a button.

When full engine power is not needed, PowerSplit allows operators to drive the Big X in the Eco-Power mode and in one of various output ranges that may be selected to suit the conditions.

This feature is said to boost efficiency and give greater fuel economy.

Practicality still important

Full engine output can be restored immediately at any time by the operator selecting X-Power. This can also be activated automatically and varied in real time as the load on the engine changes.

hp Krone harvester
A long delivery chute is required when using the machines to their full potential in maize

Krone reminds us that over the past few decades it has developed a mixture of innovations and features for forage harvesters which add to the practicality of the machines.

One of the more noticeable items is crop flow assembly that consists of six pre-compression feed rollers which feed the large chopping drum and the OptiMaxx 305 CornConditioner, if fitted.

Real time data from Krone

A new dual-purpose NIR (Near Infra Red) control sensor measures and records nutrient levels in grass, maize and whole crop silage as these crops are being harvested.

This sensor, which has received several DLG awards, is suitable for use on a Big X harvester and on a Zunhammer slurry applicator.

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