Lamb prices edge up another 10c/kg

There is some more positive news to bring on the sheep trade, with lamb prices having edged up another 10c/kg in cases, further rising since the start of the week, when 10c/kg increases were seen.

Lamb prices edge up another 10c/kg

Lamb prices edge up another 10c/kg

Base prices at the start of this week ranged from €6.05/kg up to €6.20/kg. Fast forward a few days and prices are on an upward trajectory again with lifts in price of 10c/kg materialising.

Kildare Chilling has increased its offering for today, Thursday (November 17) to €6.30/kg plus a 10c/kg quality assurance (QA) bonus – up 10c/kg from earlier in the week.

Irish Country Meats remains on a base price of €6.10/kg plus a 10c/kg QA bonus.

While one western-based meat processing plant has increased its offering to €6.15/kg, up 10c/kg from the start of the week.

This is leaving base prices ranging from €6.10-6.30/kg, with QA lambs moving at prices ranging from €6.20-6.40/kg.

This is leaving prices at the top end of the market pushing €6.40-6.50/kg and even above this level in certain cases.

Base prices in the past two weeks have increased by as much as 30c/kg and have inserted some optimism in the trade once again.

Although prices have lifted in the last fortnight, prices are still a way off what they were this time last year when base quotes were over €7.00/kg – which many producers are pointing their frustrations at.

Meanwhile, ewe quotes remain unchanged at €2.90-3.00/kg.

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