Kubota upgrades its utility series for LAMMA 2023

The 100-150hp bracket is where the majority of tractors are sold nowadays and so manufacturers are giving this segment a good deal of attention – Kubota being no exception

Kubota upgrades its utility series for LAMMA 2023

Kubota upgrades its utility series for LAMMA 2023

The company has given its mid-range M6001 tractor series some love and attention to improve the comfort of the operator as well as its versatility and efficiency.

Kubota consider comfort and cost

The M6001 Utility was first introduced at last year’s LAMMA show. The five models range from 104-143hp, in two different wheelbases.

The engines meets EU Stage V emissions with improvements to the exhaust after-treatment package which, according to Kubota, contribute to lowering the cost of ownership.

Utility tractors m6001
The smaller M6001 series tractors are compact machines for field and yard work

The two smaller models have a wheelbase of 2.54m and comprise the M6-101U and M6-111U, powered by a 3.8L Kubota four-cylinder engine producing maximum power of 104hp and 111hp respectively.

The three larger machines are the M6-121U, M6-131U and M6-141U. These have a longer wheelbase of 2.68m to accommodate the company’s 6.1L four-cylinder engine, the same as found in the larger M6002 and M7003 tractor series.

Power outputs are 123hp, 133hp and 143hp, with maximum torque figures of 503 newton metre (Nm), 544Nm and 586Nm respectively.

Axles and linkage

When introduced it was only the top-of-the-range M6-141 Utility model which was equipped with front-axle suspension.

This feature can now be factory-fitted to the four smaller models as an extra cost option, improving ride quality and operator comfort.

Further versatility for all M6001 Utility tractors is the addition of a front linkage and front power take-off (PTO) package.

The linkage comprises a Cat IIIN format with a 2.8t lift capacity. The use of fold-up lower link arms makes it easier to use with a loader. A double-acting spool outlet to compliment the front linkage is also available.

A fixed displacement open centre hydraulic system provides 71L/min and 77L/min of oil flow respectively, for short- and long-wheelbase models, while two mechanically operated spool valves are fitted as standard.

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