Kubota Introduces IsoMatch Autodrive-E Solution

Farmers and contractors spend most of their time behind the tractor wheel. Focusing on the field, monitoring the implement and terminal and steering the tractor requires a lot of energy and causes fatigue. Kubota’s IsoMatch AutoDrive provides automatic tractor steering, and thus, a new level of comfort. The AutoDrive hardware in combination with the GEODRIVE license will add automatic guidance functionality in GEOCONTROL, the IsoMatch precision farming application. While the steering is handled automatically, farmers are able to control and monitor their work in a more relaxed way, which allows them to focus 100% on the results in the field. Work is done more efficiently and overlaps are avoided which leads to cost savings of 5-10% on fertiliser, chemicals and seeds, better growing conditions and increased yield. Setup and full operation is conveniently controlled by one single application.

The IsoMatch AutoDrive system consists of a retrofit hardware package and the IsoMatch GEODRIVE functionality, integrated in Kubota´s new IsoMatch Tellus PRO dual screen ISOBUS Universal Terminal. This system is the next step in integrating all functionalities needed for efficient precision farming in one terminal. With its advanced hardware and software features, the IsoMatch Tellus PRO provides the farmer with the optimal solution for an all-in-one control system inside the tractor cab, for precision implement control and tractor steering on one screen.

IsoMatch AutoDrive is an automatic tractor guidance system that follows (pre-recorded) straight or curved guidance lines. The recording of these lines can be done simultaneously with the field boundary registration. Also, it stores multiple lines per field. A nudge (offset) feature allows correction for position deviations. Specific configurations and settings for a tractor/implement combination can be saved in tractor profiles, which can be recalled at any time.

The next step in efficiency and comfort: IsoMatch AutoDrive-E integrated in IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, provides the farmer with a total precision farming solution.

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