Case Upgrades the RB344 Compact Baler

Case Upgrades the RB344 Compact Baler

Case Upgrades the RB344 Compact Baler

Case has taken a look at its compact RB344 fixed-chamber round baler and improved it in time for the 2022 season.

For farmers wishing to maximise forage quality, the timeliness of baling is important. Being able to produce bales with a modest tractor at the optimum moment, without the anxious wait for a contractor to turn up, is paramount to this requirement.

Market niche

Case IH believes that the RB344 is the answer to such a situation. It produces a bale of 1.2m X 1.25m and may be operated by a tractor of only 80hp – or even less.

There are two versions available; the F version with a rotor feeder and the R version with a rotor cutter.

Behind the new panelling, the RB 344 has many mechanical improvements which are said to enhance performance and durability while reducing operating costs.

The stripper roll, bale chamber, floor roll and pick-up are now driven by higher-quality drive chains, which are held together with chromized pins and hardened plates.

Better bearings

Case believes that these items will have a longer life cycle and will help in reducing overall maintenance costs.

The bearings which support the main drive, stripper roll, and drive-side rotor have also been upgraded. They now have improved seals to further help prevent dust ingression.

RB344 baler case IH
Precisely formed bales with hard wearing drive chains are said to be the hallmarks of the revamped baler

On the reel, the closely spaced steel tines run between long pick-up guards which are now painted red to make them more visible.

The pick up is 2m wide and is claimed to collect the crop and deliver it in a smooth, continuous flow to the feeder and bale chamber. This maximises intake capacity so heavier swaths can be handled without loss.

RB344 handles all wraps

The Duckbill feeding system ensures a reliable net start in all crop conditions. The machine can apply net, string or plastic as desired.

A precise density control system ensures that bales are formed to the specifications which have been set, and may be adjusted and monitored from the tractor seat.

A further aid to performance is the Case IH Hydraulic Rotor Reverser, a factory fit option for the Rotor Feeder model.

This uses a free-run clutch, which allows the operator to quickly and easily reverse the rotor to clear a blockage without leaving the cab.

The latest version of this budget-friendly baler is immediately available from Case IH dealers.

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