Vicon trailed tedders take the small rotor route

Vicon has recently launched the near 16m Fanex 1564C Pro-line trailed tedder on the continent.

Vicon trailed tedders take the small rotor route

Vicon trailed tedders take the small rotor route

It has 14 rotors to span 15.6m, which fold on to a trailed frame for transport and is described as being designed with “high output and excellent crop quality in mind”.

Following the field contours

Special attention has been given to accurate ground tracking which Vicon considers paramount in achieving good feed results, something which becomes even more important in challenging and demanding field conditions.

Vicon’s answer to following the ground across the full working width of 15.6m is the new TerraFlow feature. This is a design element whereby the tedder unit follows the chassis wheels and adapts independently of the movement of the carrier frame.

The rotors are small in diameter to give a generous overlap between rotors which, the company believes, gives a more efficient pick-up and turning of the crop, as well as a more equal distribution of crop over the ground behind the tedder.

Tidy headlands

It may also be fitted with a new optional border spreading device which is hydraulically activated and keeps the spread crop within the working width of the tedder.

The driveline is said to be maintenance-free except for the power take-off (PTO) and some frame joints which require greasing.

The Fanex 1564C only requires a single acting valve ram for raising and lowering the tedder and a double action valve ram for the folding action, enabling it to be used by most tractors.

There are six tines per rotor, and when folded the transport width is 2.98m with an all up weight of 3,410kg.

Presently it is not being offered in Ireland due to a lack of factory capacity, yet there are plans by Kverneland to bring in a slightly smaller version of 11.2m for the 2023 season.

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