Tractor of the Year award comes to Agritechnica 

The prestigious Tractor of the Year (TOTY) award will be presented this year at Agritechnica, the world’s largest agricultural machinery trade fair. TOTY will present awards in four categories, including the newly announced Sustainable TOTY accolade. A jury of 25 agricultural machinery journalists selects the winners.

First presented in 1998, the TOTY award is organised by Italian machinery magazine Trattori. TOTY chairman Fabio Zammaretti said this year’s jury is made up of machinery journalists from 24 different countries (Germany has two votes).

“Year after year we have been growing the jury by involving media and journalists from all over Europe, searching for magazines that were quite similar to ours,” said Zammaretti. “Journalists are selected from magazines that are mainly focused on agricultural mechanisation.”

Journalists are selected for their vast experience and expertise in agricultural machinery. Because they are in constant contact with machinery manufacturers and oftentimes the first to test the latest models and technology, they are the perfect choice for the award.

Specific parameters
Each journalist is asked to evaluate a set of very specific parameters when selecting finalists for the three separate categories. The first category called Tractor of the Year is dedicated to open field tractors. Voting parameters include: engine, transmission, electronics, hydraulics, cab comfort, innovative technical features, options and design.

The second award is presented for Best Utility tractor. This category includes multi-purpose and utility tractors above 70hp with a maximum of four cylinders, and a maximum operating weight of 8,900kg. Voting parameters include: engine, transmission, hydraulics, comfort, innovative technical features, options, design and versatility.

The third category is Best Specialised, which is dedicated to orchard, vineyard, hill and mountain tractors. Voting parameters include: engine, transmission, comfort, agility and design.

Sustainable TOTY
The first Sustainable TOTY award will also be presented this year at Agritechnica. The award will be presented to the manufacturer whose vision is most dedicated to sustainability. All shortlisted tractors are eligible, together with a selection of three prototypes in an advanced testing phase.

“We take into consideration how new technologies and new solutions will make tractors safer, more efficient, more productive and less polluting,” said Zammaretti.

TOTY kicked off in Rome on 15-16 May 2019 with the “Let the Challenge Begin” event where the event’s organisers invited machinery manufacturers to present their candidates. Manufacturers shared technical information on the performance of their submissions with the jury of journalists. After viewing all the presentations, the jury made final selections for each category. Each manufacturer was eligible to present one tractor per category.

For Tractor of the Year 2020, 15 tractors were submitted for review. The finalists for each of the three main categories have been selected. The shortlist can be found online at:

Tractors field tested
After the shortlist was selected, the journalists were given the opportunity to field test each tractor. Jurists have been in constant contact throughout the year, sharing relevant information leading up to the final vote.

“We are a network; we share information on driving and testing experiences,” said Zammaretti. “For those who could not make it to a single field test, we share all of the information with them.”

While some of the tractors presented in May are under embargo, Zammaretti said technological sophistication is on the rise. Recent trends, he said, include further digitisation and safety improvements. These trends are being seen not only in large machinery, but also in smaller tractors, he said.

“Technology inside of tractors is growing,” added Zammaretti. “They’re making tractors easier to use, and more comfortable for the user on an everyday basis.

“To award the best tractor in Europe at Agritechnica, the most important machinery exhibition in the world, is an honour.”

The TOTY awards ceremony will take place from 12:00 to 13:00 on 10th November in Room 3A of the Convention Centre (CC) at Hanover Exhibition Grounds.