Three new Silocut loader buckets from Quicke

Quicke has introduced three new buckets to its Silocut range which come with a variety of options to ensure they match the requirements of the user.

Three new Silocut loader buckets from Quicke

Three new Silocut loader buckets from Quicke

The new range has been available for purchase since the beginning of September 2022 and is offered in three different sizes.

Wide choice from Quicke

The first is the Silocut M. It features forged, high-quality replaceable bolt-on tines. There is also a forged tine version which has profile cut ‘Tufftines’ welded in the tine carriage providing excellent wear capabilities.

The Silocut L+ is available with forged or profiled cut ‘Tufftines’ along with a highly versatile bucket. The L+ is designed as an effective implement for cutting both clamp silage and splitting bales, thus no need for a second implement.

The last of the trio is the Silocut XL+. This model is a high-capacity shear grab that can be used for cutting clamp silage and splitting bales. It is offered in the same three versions as the smaller L+.

Self-emptying option

Both the Silocut L+ and XL+ are available with two additional innovations: A bale wrap handler as well as a push out mechanism.

The bale wrap handler makes it possible, after the bale is split, to grab the wrap and net and retain it, negating the need to remove the wrap by hand, increasing operator safety and convenience.

Silo push out mechanism
The push out mechanism allows the bucket to be emptied without tipping it

The company claims that the bale can be unwrapped, split and placed into two separate feeder units, or directly into the mixer wagon in one process, giving substantial time savings.

The profile cut ‘Tufftine’ versions can be equipped with a push-out mechanism which facilitates the unloading into diet feeders or other areas with limited space.

Virtual fourth service

Quicke has also released a new sequencer valve which allows users to combine work with two independent hydraulic functions on the implement with only the third service.

This sequencer valve allows the oil to divert to the bale wrap handler when the cut is completed, therefore ensuring that the bale is completely split and that the claws kick at the right moment.

Quicke loader valve silage
The Quicke Silo L+ is designed for versatility

Quicke notes that the valve offers the ability to utilise all the services on its advanced loaders without the need for a fourth hydraulic coupling.

Henrik Jonsson, product manager implements in Sweden, said:

“We pride ourselves on the strength, quality, and durability of our products, and the Silocut range is no different. It has been thoroughly tested both in a lab-based test rig as well as in the field at working locations around Europe.

“Customers who have tested the new Silocut were so satisfied, they were reluctant to return the prototypes on completion of the field tests.”

Alo, owners of the Quicke brand, claimed it holds 30% of the world market of loaders in the segment for tractors with engines above 50hp.

Its sales for loaders and implements amounted to a total value of SEK 2.6 billion (€240 million) in 2021.

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