The 1960 Lamborghini 3402 Is One Weird Looking Tractor in Gulf Livery

Lamborghini is mostly famous for the supercars it started building in 1963, but the brand started out as a tractor manufacturer in 1948. And you probably know the story about how Ferruccio started the car company after a dispute with Enzo Ferrari over a clutch.

Old Lamborghini tractors aren’t as valuable as the company’s classic supercars, but they do show up on the auction block from time to time. A 3402 CTL model from 1960 just popped up on Bring a Trailer and it’s a really weird one. But not just because it’s a farming machine with a “Lamborghini” badge.

This tractor features both tracks and big steel wheels in the rear, as well as a free-swiveling, removable front wheel. And of course, it doesn’t feature a high-revving V12 engine. Instead, this workhorse comes with a 2.2-liter, three-cylinder diesel engine rated at 40 horsepower. Zero to 60 mph (97 kph)? Uhm … this thing probably doesn’t even hit that speed.

Anyway, it might not be the Lamborghini you want to take to your local drag strip, but it’s a finely restored vehicle that sports a flashy blue-and-orange paintjob. Yes I see it too, it’s basically a Gulf Racing livery. Neat!

It features a vinyl-wrapped seat, classic lever controls like any vintage tractor, and the blue-painted engine features a Bosch fuel injection system.

The 3402 CTL was produced when Ferruccio Lamborghini was still controlling the tractor company, a couple of years after the Italians introduced the more famous Lamborghinetta. Some four years later, Lamborghini launched its first automobile, the 350GT. Lamborghini Trattori is still operating nowadays, offering much bigger and more powerful tractors.

Imported to the U.S. in 2020, this tractor was offered on Bring a Trailer from $8,000, but the bidding is now at $9,500 with six days to go. Granted, it’s not the quickest Lamborghini out there, but it’s definitely the weirdest looking one.

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