Style and purpose feature on new tankers and trailer

Among the machinery stands at the Ploughing this year were two companies with new products that have so far escaped the headlines.

Style and purpose feature on new tankers and trailer

Style and purpose feature on new tankers and trailer

The first is Keltec of Co. Limerick which has entered the slurry tanker market with a model of 2,700 gallons, while the second is A&W Trailers who’s products are distributed by Agri Machinery Ireland, based in Navan.

Tougher trailers for the road

The combination of ever more powerful tractors, high road speeds and legislation allowing a loading of up to 10t/axle, makes it imperative that modern road trailers are built to a high standard.

Low loaders have the additional problem that loads may be unevenly distributed along their length, further adding to the stresses involved when travelling over rough ground or when turning.

A&W Trailers is very much aware of these challenges and it had its latest creation on display in Ratheniska, Co. Laois which, it suggests, meets them head on.

Strength and looks

Taking the form of a 30ft low loader with air suspension and a winch built into the headboard, rather than bolted to the deck, this new unit is claimed to have a gross weight of 31t thanks to its steering rear axle.

The tare weight is 7.5t, leaving a payload of 23.5t, which equates to a medium to heavy excavator.

trailers Ploughing legislation
The steel plate is either plasma or water jet cut, the latter leaving a tidier finish for detail work

On this particular unit, air suspension is installed which is an option, rather than standard, across the range. It does make for a more comfortable ride and is kinder to road surfaces, although that is not yet recognised in the applicable legislation.

Like all the trailers built by the company, this is a sturdy design that pays attention to detail and, just as importantly today, styling.

Trailers not only have to perform well but they have to look right behind a tractor which may well have cost in excess of €200,000.

New Keltec tanker

Keltec, long known for its bale trailers and silage handling attachments, has moved into the slurry business over the last couple of years with a retrofit dribble bar and now a full blown tanker.

The tanker on display at the Ploughing was 2,700 gallon unit on a single axle with 10.7m (35ft) -wide trailing shoe boom.

Tankers trailers road
The fully galvanised tanker from Keltec is a new product from the company

As with all Keltec equipment, the construction includes plenty of metal in the right places although, being new, a full spec list was not available at the time.

The combination of a 10t load and trailing shoe application suggests that a minimum power requirement of 180hp would be advisable, especially on gradients or soft ground.

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