Spain has the second largest number of foreign exhibitors at GROWTECH 2017

AGRAGEX, the Spanish Exporters Association of Agricultural Machinery and its components, Greenhouses and Crop Protection, Irrigation Systems, Livestock Equipment, Nutrition and Animal Health, Forestry Machinery, Biomass and Post-Harvesting Equipment; has organized, once again, the participation of a leading group of companies in the next edition of GROWTECH  2017, which will take place in Turkey, between November 29th and December 2nd.

This Spanish manufacturers provide, due to its flexible production, a wide range of adapted solutions to the biggest horticulture production, placed in Spain. Greenhouses in the southern east of the country, in Almería , are, in fact, the biggest plastic covered growing area and it is the only man-made structure visible from the space. The reflection from all these greenhouses sitting shoulder-to-shoulder means that the whole area is easily visible from space during the daytime.

Spanish exporters have developed plastics that meet all kinds of challenges, able to adjust the level of radiation, temperature, or prevent dust, pests… Also agronutrients that improve crops and provide better environment care. And post-harvest equipment meeting the challenges of today’s demanding food market.

Irrigation is also a key factor to the agricultural development. Spain has worldwide leading technologies, ready to improve efficiency in water management. Continuous lack of water in Spain has made its manufacturers develop innovative solutions to overcome this problem.

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