Significant new equipment investment keeps Oerlikon Drive Systems at the cutting edge

The Segment has planned a big investment in key technologies in all its plants around the world, confirming its willingness to innovate in all mobility markets, reduce organizational and operational complexity and quickly understand the market and the customer needs.

Focusing on EMEAR region, Oerlikon Graziano Spa has invested more than 30 million Euros in advanced new equipment from leading names in the machine tool industry. Reflecting the company’s ongoing drive to continuously improve technical capability, quality and cost, the investment includes machines for hard turning, grinding, hobbing for gearing solutions and the specialized machining of synchronizer parts.

Two years ago, in the midst of one of the deepest and longest recessions in the gear industry, Oerlikon Graziano took the opportunity to fundamentally review its manufacturing system and processes and launch a major capital investment program in new equipment. The only way to remain competitive, even for a large and long-established company, is to constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of the customers worldwide. As the market recovers, the Company is already reaping the benefits of the investment plan, for example by securing major programs from global OEMs in the truck and agricultural industry.

Oerlikon Graziano Spa primary focus is on products which are difficult to produce, with demanding engineering content such as high performance products for premium applications, often including the co-development with customers of state-of-the-art solutions. This close relationship with many customers has given the company an insight into changing market trends, such as future demand for different transmission types, which has helped to direct the priorities for the machine tool investment.

By always making use of the latest generations of machine technology, the company can introduce innovative manufacturing methods and product features that help to maintain a competitive advantage for the customers. This is not limited to performance advantages; it also leads to economic benefits and higher quality levels. With the machines arranged in flexible cells, it is possible to provide the shortest and most reliable delivery times, however significantly the product mix varies.

Oerlikon Graziano’s new facilities include machines for more than 30 million Euros, installed throughout 2017 at the company’s plants. Completion of the installation is scheduled during Q2 2018.

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