Pöttinger invests in the future for further growth Completion of the PlantWORLD is scheduled for summer 2017

Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer Pöttinger signals a new stage of plant expansion with a ground breaking ceremony at its headquarters in Grieskirchen (AT). With investment costs of EUR 25 million, Pöttinger is completely reorganising its production layout. Adding 12,000 sqm of space for manufacturing and logistics is designed to support future growth. Completion of this major project is scheduled for summer 2017.

In order to be able to support ongoing expansion of sales to international markets and cope with the increasing demands on agricultural technology, Pöttinger has made massive investments in its manufacturing plants over the past few years. The seed drill plant in Bernburg (DE) and the machinery plant in Vodnany (CZ) have both been expanded and brought up to the very latest standards. The WorkingWORLD project saw forward-looking administration offices being built at the company’s headquarters, setting a new course for the future.IMPRESS_125_F_PRO_2_hq

During this phase, two additional manufacturing bays with a total of 12,000 sqm will be built. This translates into an additional production area of 40 percent for the manufacturing of the entire grassland product range. Thanks to the newly created space, it will be possible to greatly improve the flow of materials and install ergonomic workstations for employees to build machinery using the most modern technology.

Pöttinger builds modern logistics centre for spare parts

The signal for the start of construction on Pöttinger’s new SparePartsWORLD was given in July 2016. In Taufkirchen an der Trattnach – very close to the company’s Grieskirchen headquarters in Austria – a modern 7,000 sqm logistics centre is being built on approximately 3 hectares of ground to warehouse around 50,000 spares and wear parts. The new logistics centre is part of the agricultural machinery manufacturer’s major plant expansion project. The new SparePartsWORLD is due for completion early 2017.poettinger_etl_visualisierung_hq

 Availability when and as long as you need

Rapid and long-term availability of parts is a key factor for farmers and contractors. To guarantee this, regional proximity to customers is important, as are availability over multiple generations and, above all, a modern, efficient logistics concept. The new SparePartsWORLD is the logistics hub for dispatching consignments worldwide. It features an automatic small parts warehouse as well as a mechanised pallet rack system with a total of around 50,000 Original spares and wear parts – from the smallest gasket through to complete implement frames: up to 800 customer orders will be processed every day and 3.5 million different articles dispatched every year.

 On course, even into a strong headwind

Agriculture currently faces the most difficult conditions. Pöttinger is however convinced that “Everyone needs agriculture” and as a result agricultural technology has huge potential. The Managing Directors have their sights set firmly on the future and continued growth: “Following the slogan – roots in Austria, at home throughout the world – we are clearly committed as a traditional company to strengthening our base in Austria. We thrive on agricultural technology and invest in the success of tomorrow.”

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