Pottinger invests €4.5m in mechanical crop care facility

Pottinger has long been determined to cover all the bases when it comes to both tillage and grassland implements, and last year it closed the final gap in its range with a partnership involving CFS Crop Solutions of Stoitzendorf, Austria.

Pottinger invests €4.5m in mechanical crop care facility

Pottinger invests €4.5m in mechanical crop care facility

In August 2021, Pottinger purchased the arable division of CFS, leaving the company to concentrate on its viticulture (winegrowing) interests.

However, the management team within CFS is still very much involved with Pottinger and is helping it to further develop the crop care range.

Rise in demand

As a result of this transaction, the implements now being made by Pottinger have proven to be popular on the market and the company has experienced a strong increase in sales.

Pottinger CFS factory austria
The new factory at Stoitzendorf which houses the manufacture and development of new crop care implements

This success has made it necessary to invest in expansion of the site with new production and development facilities being built; this new extension to the manufacturing plant has just been officially handed over.

The plant expansion was completed in a record time of just eight months. It comprises an additional area of 1,750m2 for assembly with another 600m2 for offices and social rooms for the 30 staff members.

Another factory for Pottinger

The investment amounted to €4.5 million for the modern and ergonomic workplaces which have been built in accordance with Pottinger’s sustainable high standards.

Stoitzendorf cropcare crop care implements
Leafy row crops are popular on the continent and lend themselves well to interrow cultivation

In addition to the two plants which assemble grassland equipment, the Stoitzendorf site is now the third plant in Austria after Grieskirchen and St. Georgen. It is the company’s third plant for the assembly of arable equipment, alongside Vodnany for tillage implements and Bernburg, the competence centre for seed drill technology.

CFS Factory pottinger
CFS will continue to make other tillage products such as this mulcher

At this new site in lower Austria, Pottinger has now established its competence centre for mechanical crop care.

This is where technical developments and innovations are implemented, while in the new manufacturing bays, the machines are now built using the very latest production processes.

Looking beyond the plough

With these crop care machines, Pottinger has widened its portfolio to include mechanical weed control and many other applications such as breaking up encrusted soil, incorporating fertiliser and aerating grassland.

The company believes that these processes are part of sustainable and environmentally friendly farming that moves agriculture on from traditional high input systems.

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