Pottinger buys precision with purchase of MaterMacc

As farming continues in its rapid development, machinery companies like Pottinger cannot afford to stand still, and the acquisition of an Italian drill manufacturer by the company underscores this determination to stay ahead.

Pottinger buys precision with purchase of MaterMacc

Pottinger buys precision with purchase of MaterMacc

The company involved is the Italian drill maker, MatterMacc Spa, based in San Vito al Tagliamento in northern Italy, which produces both pneumatic and precision drills.

MaterMacc – drill specialists

Up until now Pottinger has not been able to offer precision drills but this latest purchase will complement its range of drilling equipment to fill an otherwise glaring gap in its portfolio.

Pottinger notes that MaterMacc Spa is known for precision seeding technology, alongside its mechanical and pneumatic seeding machines, as well as chopping technology and other OEM components.

The MaterMacc factory and stores covers an area of 14,500 square metres in northern Italy

The new Austrian owners believe that MatterMacc’s products, its passion for agriculture, its location, and the workforce, complement its own Austrian-based business.

Both companies are family-run businesses and both are focused on finding new technologies for their established markets.

Exploiting the synergies

By bringing MatterMacc under its wing, Pottinger notes that it has set itself the goal of utilising the energy and commitment common to both companies to further develop existing technologies, while meeting its own standards.

MaterMacc currently employs around 80 people in Italy. Pottinger is a well established company that takes the long view rather than dancing to a corporate tune, and relies on continuity rather than sudden change to progress its interests.

MaterMacc precision seed drill
As an example of MaterMacc’s own technology, the MS 8230 Super Elektro has hydraulically adjustable row spacing and electric drive to the metering system

It will take on board the entire staff and factory, thus utilising the existing expertise and skills base that the Italian company has amassed since its foundation in 1983.

For the time-being, the brand, sales, service network and the spare parts supply will remain the same. However, Pottinger will contribute its own knowledge of the industry to pursue success in these new segments.

No immediate change

MaterMacc’s existing customers will continue to have access to the current service and support facilities.

The Italian company not only manufacturers a range of seed drills but also electronic control equipment for drills and irrigation equipment.

MaterMacc seed drill
Matermacc’s UST 450has the seed hopper placed at rear to provide weight for the packing wheels

It also produces a range of interrow cultivators which, at first glance, will compete with Pottinger’s own brand of implements which it is developing with CFS, and upon which the company spent €4.5 million recently on a new research and assembly works.

MaterMacc has its own 8ha of tillage ground adjoining the factory which is used for research and development as well as training and marketing.

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