New Farming 4.0 zone highlights role of innovative technology and new talent in farming and food production


The Farming 4.0 zone features a wide range of companies involved in the development of these technologies and their successful implementation and uptake.

The initiative comes at a time when many farmers are grappling with a range of problems that new technology can help solve. For example, identifying and treating crop plants and weeds individually to ensure optimum use of plant protection products and fertilisers is good for the pocket and the environment. Such targeted use could also help preserve many products currently under threat from resistance or legislation.

Better use of AI to predict crop and livestock problems much earlier than is currently possible, and to help plan production cycles and predict yields much more accurately, have obvious input and marketing benefits.

Robotics will augment and could even replace heavy machinery fleets, helping to reduce soil compaction and dramatically cutting crop establishment costs as well as helping to deliver a more targeted farming approach.

Farming 4.0 will also cover some of the key areas required to help ensure great ideas can be turned into commercial successes. For example, facilitating the link between entrepreneurs with industry contacts, or implementing appropriate training programmes for existing workforces and attracted new and skilled talent into the agricultural engineering sector, will be vital in driving this technology forward.

A range of speakers will help to throw more light on some of these key areas on both days of the LAMMA event.

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