New agritechnica offering from Andersons Group

The RBM2000 PRO trailer transforms collecting bales into a highly efficient one/man machine operation, which achieves quicker field clearance that requires less labour and fuel, and also greatly reduces the risk of soil compaction.

It can do this thanks to an innovative design of lifting arm, which features a bale detector that initiates the loading sequence as soon as the arm contacts the bale.

As the tractor and trailer approach the bale the arm slides forward, so as soon as contact with the bale is made it can slide backwards so while tractor and trailer continue to move forwards, the arm is effectively stationery in relation to both the bale and ground.

This enables it to gain a secure grip on the bale and lift it without scuffing it on the ground, which eradicates the risk of damaging the wrapping film.

The trailer can carry 20 bales, with two lines of seven on the bottom and a single line of six placed on top of them, with loading time typically being 20 seconds per bale. The operator can adjust bale spacing to cater for differing bale lengths.

All the trailer’s operations are controlled by the machine’s Danfoss Plus 1 Controller and Danfoss DP720 touch-screen monitor. These controls enable the machine to be operated efficiently by less experienced staff, who can then tackle more technical tasks.

The trailer’s bale picking claw normally runs horizontally to collect bales placed on their end, but the operator can turn it to a vertical position to collect those that have fallen on their sides. All bales are placed on their sides on the trailer and then moved backwards by its sliding headstock.

Bales are unloaded by tilting the trailer rearwards and pushing them off with the headstock, so they land on their end ready for stacking.

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