MyEasyFarm Opens An Office In Italy


MyEasyFarm, the Cloud platform for aggregating and exchanging data with agricultural equipment, confirms its international expansion and opens an office in Italy.

Precision Agriculture, “the right dose in the right place at the right time”, emerged about 10 years ago with the use of digital data in agriculture. It allows farmers to reduce the amount of inputs and preserve the environment by changing their farming practices. MyEasyFarm, the AgTech startup specialising in Precision Agriculture, has been offering its Cloud platform since 2018 and already has several hundred users, in France but also in Western Europe.

MyEasyFarm has had an international vocation since its creation, notably due to its partnerships with international agricultural equipment manufacturers (John Deere, CNH, AGCO, Claas, Kubota) and its ISOBUS certification. The MyEasyFarm platform is available in 7 languages. Precision farming is developing particularly rapidly in Italy, thanks to the Italian government’s Agriculture 4.0 programme, which helps farmers invest in modern, connected equipment.

MyEasyFarm is the perfect answer to this demand from the Italian market and has already equipped several dozen Italian farmers and contractors, in particular thanks to a network of agricultural equipment dealers in full development (Paglia Lino, Reni Macchine, Bernino, Domenichini, etc.). MyEasyFarm goes further and opens an office in the heart of Milan, in the VillagebyCA business centre.

MyEasyFarm has been headquartered since 2018 in the VillagebyCA in Reims Bezannes, one of the 37 villages in Crédit Agricole’s network of start-up accelerators, so it is only natural that MyEasyFarm has chosen to locate its Italian offices in the VillagebyCA in Milan. Thomas Collet, a 27-year-old Belgian agronomist, oversees MyEasyFarm’s Italian office.

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