Multi function hydraulic ram cylinder

AGRIEST’s range is focused on all machineries behind a tractor. For example, the company produces and sells under its own brand “AGRI-POWER”: tungsten carbide wearing parts, loader tines, LED light kits or conveyors for muck spreaders.
AGRIEST introduces today its exclusive Multi function hydraulic brake cylinder. It is an easy way for OEMs to convert pneumatic braking system to hydraulic with no extra modifications.
This patented system is effective as:

Dynamic brake: traditional hydraulic brake, driven by a foot brake.
Emergency brake/parking brake: activated manually or in case of unhook.

Compared to traditional handbrakes with cables, this hydraulic system is also much easier to integrate and protect from damages for forest trailers or other machines used in heavy duty conditions.

This system is fully homologated by IRSTEA (ex-CEMAGREF), in France and has been awarded of a special MENTION at EIMA Bologna 2016 and at SIMA Paris 2017.
Quick and easy to assemble, the AGRI-POWER cylinder fits to any trailed equipments: trailers, cultivators, sprayers, slurry tankers, muck spreaders, mix-feeders or forage wagons and from 1 up to 4 axles.

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