Mitas new VF HC 3000 tyres for harvesters

Mitas VF 710/70R42 CFO HC 3000 is the new combine harvester tyre from Mitas, using Very High Flexion (VF) technology. Among the main advantages of HC 3000 tyres over standard tyres are the higher maximum load capacity and lower inflation pressure during cyclic field operation. Mitas VF HC 3000 widens the Mitas Premium product portfolio, which underlines the success of replacing Continental-branded tyres with Mitas. VF 710/70R42 CFO HC 3000 will be available on the market from July 2015.

“Mitas is the leader in the harvester tyre segment. Close to 50% of new harvesters in Europe are fitted with tyres produced by Mitas,“ said Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ marketing and sales director. “With the new Mitas VF HC 3000, we would like show that through innovations and the constant introduction of new products we will maintain this position by offering the best product in its class.”

In comparison with the same size combine standard tyre, Mitas VF 710/70R42 CFO HC 3000 boasts 26% less inflation pressure during cyclic field operation resulting in significantly less soil compaction. Besides the advantages that have a direct impact on soil protection, Mitas HC 3000 has a narrower section width, so it brings an additional advantage to farmers who need increased mobility.

“Mitas now offers a full range of tyres using VF technology. Besides HC 3000 tyres designed for harvesters, Mitas also offers HC 1000 for sprayers and HC 2000 tyres for high-horsepower tractors,” said Pavel Kott, Mitas’ agricultural tyres product manager.

Mitas VF 710/70R42 CFO (Cyclic Field Operation) HC 3000 has a ‘B’ speed category, allowing speeds of up to 50 km/h. The new HC 3000 is capable of carrying loads of up to 14.3 tonnes (15 km/h cyclic). The Very High Flexion tyre’s main advantage is the ability to maintain constant tyre pressure at any speed. A special feature of the Mitas VF rated tyres is the highly flexible sidewall, which allows for an extended footprint competing in many respects with the ever-popular rubber tracks. Very High Flexion tyres are produced at the Mitas factories in Charles City, Iowa, and Otrokovice, CZ.

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