Michelin Claim Agri Tyres Reduce Puncture Rate For Slurry Tankers

Michelin CargoXBib High Flotation tyres have reduced Coast to Coast Recyclings tyre puncture and repair bill by 75 per cent.

Having tested the premium fitments on two of its tankers for the past 18 months, the company has seen the replacement of failed tanker tyres fall from a rate of one per week to zero on those tankers fitted with Michelin. As a direct result, it is now rolling-out the CargoXBib High Flotation policy across all tankers.

David Coning, of Coast to Coast Recycling, says: “We were experiencing tyre blow-outs every single week and that couldn’t continue. CargoXBib tyres have completely changed my view on tyre choice for the tankers. The 12 trial tyres proved a huge success and we’ve not had a single issue with them. In fact, the very first trial tyre is still running with 15 per cent of its tread left. Our previous tyres never lasted that long, even if they avoided a puncture.”

Coning adds “The tankers are in constant use and can travel up to 150 miles per day, and as we are on 24-hour call-out we have to be ready to jump into action the second we get a call”.

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