Growtech Eurasia Attracts Visitors From 64 Countries

With increasing trend every year Growtech Eurasia hosts sector professionals from Middle East. Europe & surrounding countries. In 2013 International visitor numbers has been tripled and many International business opportunities were created. Main visiting countries were from Iran, Jordan, Egypt. Azarbaijan, Russia, Lebanon, Spain, Holland, Greece. Saudi Arabia, Romania & Bulgaria. In 2014 with new sections and more business opportunities Growtech Eurasia will continue to be the leader organization of the region.

Growtech Eurasia sets a steady growth each year will bring together more than 650 national and international brands in 7 saloons by total area of 40 thousand sqm.

Greenhouse & Equipments. Plant Nutrition and Protection, Seedling Seed Growing. Irrigation Systems. Agricultural Technology and Equipments are the main pans of the Fair. With the support of Government Institutions. Associations & Ministry of Agriculture Growtech grows even’year & creates more business opportunities.

Turkey 7th biggest producer in the world

In 2012 while the growth rate of Turkish economy is %2.2. agriculture sector growth was %3.5. With increasingly growing agriculture sector Turkey ranks 3rd in world production for “green pepper, tomato, cucumber & green bean” and 1st in “fig. cherry, apricot & quince” production.

By ranking 3rd in the world and taking 1st place in Europe for Greenhouse area size. Turkish agriculture sector meets with the world in Growtech Eurasia fair every year.

“Antalya” strategic location

As one of the most important cities of the Mediterranean region Antalya offers a mixture of unique geography and historic texture. While Antalya stands out with its transportation infrastructure and rich accommodation options tourism and agriculture are the most important industries that contribute to its brand value.

The Mediterranean region and Antalya is the most preferred region for both local and international investors in the agriculture industry. Particularly known for greenhouse cultivation, Antalya hosts about %65 of the greenhouses across Turkey. Antalya also ranks first in Turkey with its agricultural production reaching 2 billion Euro.

Antalya accounts for %n of the total fruit and vegetable production in Turkey and %23 of exports,
%45 of vegetable seed production,
%66 of vegetable seedling production,
%58 of culture mushroom production.
%34 of cut flower productions %89 of cut flower exports.

Exhibitor profile

Greenhouse And Technologies
Nursery Seedling
Young Plant
Organic Agriculture
Irrigation Systems And Equipments
Plant Nutrition and Protection
Project and Consultancy Services
Agricultural Banking And Finance
Agricultural Analysis and Research
Agriculture Technologies
Agriculture Machinery
Livestock Breeding
Visitor Profile
Farmers. Producers, Dealers
Greenhouse & Agricultural Company Owners
Potential Buyers Who Will Develop Protected and Open Agriculture
Fruit & Vegetable Brokers
Purchasing Managers of Food Producers
Purchasing Manager of Food Chain Stores
Agricultural Organisations. Chambers Related To Agriculture. Ngos And Their Representatives
International Investors for Turkish Agriculture Industry
Producers & Distributors of Animal Products Machinery
Veterinarians & Zootechnicians
Representatives from The Media
University Tuitors & Students

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