EU seeks feedback on ‘long-term vision’ for rural areas


The European Commission has launched a public consultation on its new initiative for a long-term vision for rural areas, the authority revealed today (Monday, September 7).

This consultation aims to collect views on current opportunities and challenges in rural areas, aspirations for rural areas in 2040 and the actions needed to achieve these aspirations.

From today, the commission says:

Any interested European, including consumers, the agri-food sector, rural SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises], EU countries, regional and local authorities, farmers, civil society organisations, rural youth, NGOs [non-governmental organisations], local action groups, rural networks and academics can contribute to the online public consultation until November 27, 2020.
“The commission wants to ensure a wide consultation and invites everyone interested in the future of rural areas, and their inhabitants, to share their views,” it was added.

The public consultation on the long-term vision for rural areas is a first step towards a European Commission Communication on the topic, which is expected to be published in mid-2021.

“This communication will aim to support a debate at European level on the future of rural areas and the place they should have in our society.

“It will propose actions to be taken, including in the shorter term, to achieve this long-term vision for the future of rural areas,” the commission concluded.

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