EIMA International, the platform for the East

The 2016 edition of the review of agricultural machinery and equipment exposition has been presented in Beijing and Shanghai. The exposition in Bologna will draw on the support of ICE, the Italian Trade Agency, for the organization of delegations of business people arriving from China and Bologna Fiere China for the selections of Chinese manufacturers applying to exhibit their technologies at EIMA International.

Following the conference in New Delhi last December on the review of agricultural mechanical engineering, scheduled for next November 9th to 13th in Bologna, the presentation tour was continued in Asia with two press conferences, one in Beijing and the other in Shanghai. The meeting in Beijing on January 19th was organized by the Italian Trade Agency, ICE, in the Show Room of Made in Italy adjacent to the Italian diplomatic representation. Taking part were Amedeo Scarpa, the director of ICE, the Italian Trade Agency, in Beijing, Marco Acerbi, the director of the FederUnacoma Events Office and the organization of EIMA, Liu Weihua, the vice secretary general of CAAMM, the Chinese Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, Bologna trade fair representative Zhang Weili, and the Italian ambassador in China, Ettore Francesco Sequi. In his statement to the assembly of journalists, more than sixty representing the country’s major media outlets in the sector, Ambassador Sequi recalled the long history of diplomatic relations and collaboration of the two countries and underscored the points that now, more than ever, agriculture has become a strategic sector for the world’s economies and societies and the way Italian initiatives and technologies can support development projects for the lands of China.

The second press conference was staged this afternoon in Shanghai and was organized by Bologna Fiere China, the trade fair service agency for developing activities in the great Asian nation. In attendance were more than twenty members of the media in the sector and a number of representatives of Italian manufacturers pursuing joint ventures and production installations in China. During the conference, FederUnacoma Director of Events Marco Acerbi outlined the characteristics of the Bologna review where 1,900 manufacturers will take over an exhibition area of 375,000 m², compared to  235,000 m² allocated for the 2014 edition, and noted that 235,000 visitors arrived for the most recent edition in 2014. He also noted that the number of Chinese business people attending, which came to 1,300 in 2014, is expected to rise thanks to the ICE initiatives at work. For the arrival of Chinese manufacturers, Bologna Fiere China, represented at the Shanghai press conference by Ouyang Hui, is playing a front rank role. This role as the exclusive agency for EIMA International in China, as explained by Ouyang Hui, includes the selection of exhibiting companies according to criteria of quality and representation to expand the array of technologies maintaining high quality standard present at the expositions. Acerbi pointed out that the agricultural mechanization sector is undergoing strong growth in China as well as in Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries in the region but, he said, the great commercial platforms are still in Europe where the world’s finest production can be learned of and the most efficient technological solutions for various models of agriculture can be compared. 

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