Can-Am’s innovation rewarded at Royal Highland Show 2019

Can-Am has received a silver award in the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland’s (RHASS) Technical Innovation awards for its Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)*, developed specifically for its all-terrain vehicles (ATV) in partnership with Bosch.

As part of the award win, Can-Am showcased a Can-Am Outlander MAX XT 570 in the Technical Innovations area at The Royal Highland Show, where visitors were able to experience the positive benefits it brings to users in the agricultural, horticultural, equestrian, forestry and estate services sectors.

​The system has been installed on Can-Am Outlander and Renegade models, making them compliant with the new EU regulations (T3b category). To ensure the ABS performs optimally across all situations put in front of it, the ABS system went through a comprehensive engineering programme that included more than 40,000 kilometres on a variety of surfaces including mud, snow, pavement, gravel and dirt.

The Can-Am ATV ABS works with a specially calibrated control unit, which analyses brake lever pressure and individual wheel speeds to apply the correct amount of braking force. Once the rider applies pressure to the hand or foot brake, the ABS module instantaneously uses the information from the wheel speed sensors to prevent the brakes from locking up in emergency situations, ensuring stability. The wheel speed of the ATV is monitored hundreds of times per second, which allows the ABS to compensate for the constantly changing terrain.

In four-wheel drive and under acceleration, the ABS also detects loss of traction on the front wheels and compensates accordingly. With brake torque control, the brakes are applied to the slipping wheel and automatically transfer power to the one with better grip until forward traction is restored.

It also uses drag torque control to keep the CVT transmission loaded with the correct amount of drive, even under braking, which prevents lock-ups on surfaces such as ice. If the wheels lock due to drag from the CVT transmission, the ABS module will detect it and signal the engine ECU to send just enough power to reengage the transmission and provide enhanced stability with engine braking working together with the ABS.

James Dalke, BRP district commercial manager UK, says, “As a brand, we aim to be trend setters within the utility sector and the addition of ABS technology to our ATVs was the next logical step. Since it was introduced, we have received nothing but positive feedback. This award win validates the time and effort our R&D team committed to developing the technology and we are delighted that it has been recognised by such a prestigious award.”

The Can-Am ABS system also won the silver award in the Driven category of the prestigious LAMMA Innovation awards in January 2019.