Blaney showcase new HDX Excavator Cutting Head

Blaney Agri, Co Antrim based manufacturer, known for its extensive range of land management machinery recently launched their new HDX Excavator Cutting head at the Balmoral Show. The HDX Excavator Cutting Head is the latest innovation in Blaney’s power shredding technology.

Given the incessant rainfall over the last few seasons, ground conditions remain soft in places and so excavators fitted with a Blaney cutting head are the ideal solution to hedge cutting and shredding dense vegetation in inaccessible areas.  This heavy-duty, high-durability model is intended for use in a contractor capacity.

It features a high torque piston motor for increased power which is especially effective for modern excavators with higher operating pressures. All-around design elements produce more efficient dispersal of collision forces with a unique chamber fully enclosing the motor, reinforced by endoskeletal ribs. This new design incorporates more accessible hydraulic attachment layout.

Building on Blaney’s power shredder technology, the HDX head uses a high speed dynamic rotor which works in combination with integrated shark fin blades, resulting in material that is chopped to a finer grade.  Perfect for hedge cutting and tackling rushes. Skids are adjustable and provide excellent coverage.  Front and rear debris deflection utilises energy-absorbing chains for increased durability and effectiveness.  An adjustable front cover provides control over the entry rate of material.