BKT’s Productıon Runs Smoothly

The Company has put safety in first place and introduced measurements that protect its staff. From this fundamental premise BKT’s production has continued running smoothly and punctually during pandemic time.


It’s hard time in India now. Covid-19 pandemic does not cease to strike the land. And BKT is now receiving many worried messages from markets all over the world. The Company is thankful that so many are in contact and are worrying about people’s health and safety. BKT wants to reassure all of them that, fortunately, BKT teams in India and around the world, are safe and giving their best to keep the business at the normal levels.

BKT recognized immediately the fundamental necessity to protect its staff members and has reacted promptly to introduce safety measurements to avoid the spreading of the virus in its production plants.

Because of this timely intervention BKT’s five production plants in India have been running smoothly with average 95% capacity.

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