As Holsan, we focused on improving our operations in the most effective way

“Especially we evaluate the feedbacks and requests coming from our customers to develop and design our lastest technology machines.”

Can Gökçeatam /Holsan Agricultural Machinery Chairman of the Board

Holsan is a well-established firm that provides services to the agricultural sector. Can you tell us about the current work of the company?

Holsan has been manufacturing machinery for the agricultural sector for many years. We have stainless steel machines. Recently, we started to produce polyethylene machinery. Our polyethylene products are very popular. When we look at sales and marketing activities, we started to work mainly abroad. We have extensive exhibitions. We have managed to establish close contacts with countries such as Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and Algeria.

What did you aim at the transition from stainless steel production to polyethylene production?

Stainless steel requires a very special production process and is a unique product. The main point here is the transition from fiber to polyethylene. Farmers also prefer this product. The reason for preferring less load on the tractor and much lighter. The most powerful advantage of being preferred for manufacturers is the ease of production. In terms of recycling, it is much easier to recycle to a comparable extent. Other materials contain chemicals that are harmful to nature, as well as recycling is difficult. In fact, with the production of polyethylene, we have switched to a completely environmentalist perspective. Here, we also see support from the sector.

Can you give us more information about your R&D activities?

Especially we evaluate the feedbacks and requests coming from our customers to develop and design our lastest technology machines.

What are the main uses area of your products?

Our products are actively used mainly in spraying. However, there are also those who use irrigation for cleaning. For example, municipalities can use it for cleaning purposes. Of course, our machines serve every purpose, but mostly, nurseries, gardens, greenhouses, such as the use of the majority of areas. We have two types of machines; pendant You can decide the separation of this type of machines with their usage areas. If you foresee that you will experience problems in the turn and the use of our hanging type machines; If you think you will not have problems, we recommend you to use our pull type machines.

 What are your sales and marketing strategies and team?

We aim to dominate the widest possible network. Currently, our machines are sold through the Tarım Kredi Kooperatifleri Merkez Birliği and Parkobirlik. Apart from this sales network, we have dealers. Our dealers also provide service. In places where service cannot be provided, we try to carry out this support with our own vehicles as a company.

 Do you have a planned investment or product development plan in 2019?

For the time being, we focus on improving our operations in the best and most effective way. We do this by keeping as much inventory as possible, according to order power, aim at manufacturing. In 2019, we aim to continue this dynamic.