AGRIEST will run a stand at AGRITECHNICA 2017

The Radio-Controlled Docking Station is an ergonomic solution for the slurry tanker users. The operator can open the valve directly from the tractor cab. This solution increases the workflow and prevent from slurry draining.

The Multi-Functions Hydraulic Brake Cylinder is an easy way for OEMs to convert pneumatic braking system to hydraulic with no extra modifications. It has been awarded in various international exhibitions. Easier to homologate, this solution is now available in different kits to make it even more convenient for the manufacturers.

Since 1980, French company AGRIEST has been a leading supplier for OEMs and farm machinery dealers in Europe. What makes AGRIEST different is that it is a wholesaler as well as a producer of spare parts. Most of the products portfolio is produced in its own factories. Those parts offer the quality requested by European manufacturers at the best price.
AGRIEST’s range is focused on all machineries behind a tractor. For example, the company produces and sells under its own brand “AGRI-POWER”: tungsten carbide wearing parts, loader tines, LED light, hitches, kits or conveyors for muck spreaders. With an annual turnover approaching 30M€ and a presence all over Europe, AGRIEST is a key player and an essential partner for OEMs and distributors.

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