Agragex will attend EIMA 2016

Spanish manufacturers

AGRAGEX, the Spanish Exporters association of agricultural and livestock equipment, will attend EIMA 2016 supporting an outstanding group of Spanish manufacturers to promote its industry’s main assets: European technology in great value, adapted solutions to attend any local request, and worldwide leading innovations in irrigation and crop protection trade sectors.

Spanish companies will showcase at EIMA with the support of AGRAGEX. Spain is one of the countries with more exhibitors at EIMA, as Spanish industry is worldwide acknowledged for the solid manufacture of its machinery and the advanced technology for irrigation systems.

Spanish innovation awarded by EIMA’s jury

This year, among the products awarded as Technical Innovation by the jury of EIMA visitors will find one “Made in Spain”. The H3O Project, manufactured by Pulverizadores Fede, not only has been awarded as one of the 25 “Technical Innovations” in this edition, but also is one of the 14 that also have the sustainability award “Premio Blu”. This is the first time this award is given by EIMA’s jury and the H3O Project of Pulverizadores Fede has been chosen because it is the first pro-active air blast in the market that automatically reports if the parameters of the machine are not correct.

Spanish novelties at EIMA 2016

Among the novelties presented by Spanish companies attending EIMA with the support of AGRAGEX we can highlight: a pruning machine with adjustable height and improved cut and operators visibility; sprayers with aluminum bars, to reduce the weight of the equipment; high-tech plastics for crop or forage that can control temperature, heat and weeds; and shredders with double reversible hydraulic feeder for olive, fruit crops or vineyard residue.


Spanish innovation for irrigation systems will be an outstanding reveal at EIMA again (for its historical lack of rain, Spain is a worldwide leader in irrigation and water management markets). Several companies will present their latest technologies, such as remote management and control technologies for irrigation and fertilization that several firms will showcase; drip irrigation patents that prevent jams and provide continuous flow; aluminium sprinkler irrigation pipes; or high performance rotary sprinklers able to work with low flow and low pressure due to its adjustable two-speed motor.

AGRAGEX, the Spanish Exporters Association of Agricultural Machinery and its components, Greenhouses and Crop Protection, Irrigation Systems, Livestock Equipment, Nutrition and Animal Health, Forestry Machinery, Biomass and Post-Harvesting Equipment; will provide comprehensive information about the Spanish manufacturers and key figures of this trade sector’s exports to the international markets.

Spanish exports of agricultural and livestock equipment to Italy reported a turnover of more than 120M€ on 2015. Italy was the third best client.


Spanish innovations at EIMA Bologna 2016

(information provided by the companies)

Armando Alvarez Group – Greenhouse & mulch plastics 

THE ARMANDO ALVAREZ GROUP was founded in 1964 and is the largest Spanish manufacturer of plastic polyethylene film and a leader of the European industry. Today AAG exports actively to 97 countries and is a Global Brand.


Wide range of solutions in plastics covers for efficient management of light intensity, temperature and humidity conditions inside the greenhouse.

  • Light transmission control.
  • Improves the precocity and production of fruit
  • Permits to control earliness or extension of the production
  • Enhances the healthy development of crops.
  • Uniform growth
  • Avoids burns due to excessive sunlight exposure
  • Prevents the development and extension of diseases
  • Thermal protection
  • Helps to prevent frost damage and thermal stress
  • Avoids sudden changes in temperature
  • Longer post-harvest-life
  • Efficient yields and maximum return on investment


Specially adapted to the requirements of crop, soil and climate conditions, designed for professional farmers seeking cost effective solutions to open-field cultivation.

  • Higher productivity and commercial quality ratio.
  • Earlier crop and higher market value.
  • Prevents loss of irrigation water and fertilizers.
  • Herbicidal effect. Avoids surface compactation.

Armando Alvarez Group – Fodder silage & grain storage solutions

THE ARMANDO ALVAREZ GROUP was founded in 1964 and is the largest Spanish manufacturer of plastic polyethylene film and a leader of the European industry. Today AAG exports actively to 97 countries and is a Global Brand.

Professional storage solutions for animal feed and grains in multi-layer plastic sheets (5 layer coex).

  • Special UV protection for long duration usage.
  • Enhanced stretch for extreme climate conditions and demanding applications.
  • High levels of impermeability to oxygen for optimum preservation of fodder and nutrients.
  • Full range of crop-packing plastics for farmers


Cost effective covers designed with excellent mechanical properties and resistance to tearing and impact in widths up to 20m.

Under-layer cover (clamp sheet)

Clear 40μm film, available in different widths up to 20m. Used as a secondary barrier creating a vacuum under the main silage cover to reduce oxygen pockets.

Ultra-flexible and  reliable bags for fodder silage and grain storage. Compatible with all types of bagging machines.

UV stabilized PP baler twines to pack round or high pressure square bales, with high resistance to breakage in the string and knot.


Among their state-of-the-art solutions, you will be able to find the multi-seasonal dripline AZUD PREMIER PC AS, with anti-siphon system and pressure-compensating bond-on emitter. The dripper is made up of the H.E.X protection system, based on a three-dimensional patented filter with an effective filtering surface in the base of the dripper and a two-stage filtration, guaranteeing the total protection of the labyrinth of the dripper; the patented DS- Technology applied to the labyrinth that guaranties the maximum anti-clogging efficiency. The ELIPSIS chamber and the SILITEC membrane are the perfect combination to obtain an optimum performance.

You will have the chance to know the wide and versatile offer of filtration solutions, including  AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC, automatic disc filtration systems that optimizes the filtration process and improving the energy and water cost of the installation; AZUD LUXON, automatic screen filtration systems with a wide range of filtration grades and wide filtering surface; AZUD HELIX SYSTEM, manual filters range based on low maintenance and optimum safety in filtration, thanks to the patented device AZUD HELIX SYSTEM, that optimizes the performance and minimises the frequency and intensity of maintenance labours.

Besides, there will be showed the full range of irrigation systems, including multi-seasonal dripline, thinwall dripline and irrigation fittings; together with other manual filtration systems, such as AZUD MODULAR SPIRAL CLEAN,  AZUD MODULAR 100 y AZUD AGL.


CHAPARRO AGRICOLA E INDUSTRIAL, S.L. is a consolidated Company in the field of agricultural spare parts that manufactures and sells compatible spare parts for tractors, combines and balers, mostly for John Deere and New Holland makes. They also are Roquet official dealers for all its hydraulic products range.

The main feature of the company is to manufacture high quality products, equivalent to the original, but with better price.

This is the second year they are exhibiting at EIMA and they will show all their news for:

  • Tractors: PTO shafts, universal drive shafts, yokes, pins, 3 points linkages and elevator shafts.
  • Combines: metal pulleys, shafts, knife heads and gears.
  • Balers: needles and pinions.
  • Plunged into a constant updating and renewal, they are able to design and produce new items to add them in their production and adapt themselves to the requirements of the market and customers.


CILINDROS Y CROMADOS (CICROSA) will show a new Folding Hydraulic Crutch. This new design features an innovative support for trailers, which is based on a retracting double—acting hydraulic system, that ensures better performance and user convenience.

Moreover, CICROSA will launch in Europe the New Catalogue for Components, where you can find all necessary parts for the production of standardized-use cylinders but, on the other hand, we present a new range of components and materials for cylinders that require higher performance: corrosion resistance, increased guidance, safety systems, special seals… We also display in this catalogue one of the largest offers for chrome bars and honed tubes in the market.

Additionally, our standard cylinders Series 700 keep on growing, and thus we have enlarged the stroke choice.


The GIL seeders Company will show in the next Eima’13 exhibition as more important novelty its sprayers with aluminium bars, a big innovation to reduce the weight in this type of equipments, all of this, with a perfect work of them. More in seeders GIL will show a no till drill seeder with coulter, a machine that day to day have more appreciation internationaly. And as a show of the continuous development of new products, we’ll show a new no till dirl with disc seeder for vigneyard to sow vegetables groundcovers than improve the conditions of this crops.


HERTELL S.COOP. presents at this Edition of AGRITECHNICA 2015 Exhibition a kit for hydraulic drive for all the 540 rpm vacuum pumps. The kit includes one support, one coupling and the oil motor. All of them are fixed to the front cover of the vacuum pump, cover that has been modified with a mechanized flange for that purpose. This easy assembly allows the vacuum pump to be driven by one orbital hydraulic motor apart from the usual cardan shaft. The main advantage of this feature is the easiness of the pump assembly on the tanker as well as the safety that the hydraulic drive offers by the time of operating the vacuum pump.


Sistemes Electronics Progrés launches AGRÓNIC 5500 to market, the substitute for AGRÓNIC 5000

Agrónic 5500 is an equipment for the control of irrigation and fertilization process for both hydroponic and soil crops. Suitable when EC and pH for injection water have to be regulated, although it can also fertilize by units or perform irrigation with water alone.


  • It can read all kinds of analog and digital sensors, and irrigation or rain meters.
  • It can start and stop programs by means of sensors and determining factors, modify irrigation and fertilization and send warnings to mobile phones. For example, modifying irrigation according to solar radiation, making the crop to manage its own irrigation using soil moisture sensors, sending warnings if the temperature is very low, etc.
  • In greenhouses, it can control the environmental temperature and humidity using nebulization.
  • It can apply phytosanitary treatments on each irrigation program.
  • It can mix two waters with different salinity to obtain a particular EC.
  • It can carry out the filter cleaning and manage the diesel engines, either motor-pumps or generators.
  • It has a detailed register of all the anomalies and the updates carried out, as well as the history, with records each 10 minutes, for each sector and sensor.
  • Connection to the “Agrónic PC” PC program and to the “Agrónic App” mobile application (developing).
  • Connection by radio to the AgroBee modules which allow having valves, meters and analog and digital sensors at distances up to 800 meters, or greater with repeaters.


The Company Jumar Agricola SL will introduce in the next International exhibition EIMA 2016 in Bologna, as exhibitor, its new model of pruning class PFL with cuts in “L” shape within its two forms: saw comb (PFLS) and discs (PFLD).

It is a machine specially designed for the pruning of trees in trained trees cultivation and also with posts for non hailing nets. The geometry of mast that it has got and the combination of its six movements of electric-hydraulic operation, make this machine into the suitable one for the machining of those fields.

As a novelty in this exhibition, we will also introduce the new model of vineyard pruning JUMAR class PV within an innovative designed of mast in the market, it allows us to regulate the height of the cutting discs being independent from the inclination of the machine, checking this way, the right position of work above the vineyard row, at every moment.

Furthermore, as a positive consequence of the mast designed, we could

significantly improve the visibility of the user work from the position of the operation, making the work with the machine easier.

Manufacturas Aldoma 

MANUFACTURAS ALDOMA, S.L., founded in 90’s, with its goal:

  • A complete range of irrigation systems
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Aluminium carpentry accessories

Our products with a total quality, personal service to our clients, with environment care and, specially, our total commitment on constant growing mean us to be a referential partner in that sectors, so nationally as internationally.

MANUFACTURAS ALDOMA, S.L., is a result of future investment, our aim is manufacturing products in quality as our costumer’s exigencies.


Pulverizadores Fede H3O project makes history at EIMA International 2016. The H3O sprayer of Pulverizadores Fede, a Spanish agricultural equipment company, has received the Technical Innovation Award and the Blue Award at EIMA International 2016. These two prizes make H3O to become the most awarded sprayer for fruit crops protection in the history, since it also got the Technical Novelty Award, the highest recognition, at FIMA 2016, international reference trade fair for Mediterranean crops.

This air blast, developed with the support of the European Union within the scope of the SME instrument Horizon 2020, represents a revolution to agriculture, due it is the first pro-active air blast of the market. This equipment sends automatic warnings to the farm operator when the spraying parameters are incorrect.

Furthermore, the H3O sprayer supposes the reduction up to the 25% in the costs of pesticides and the reduction up to 4 liters/hour of fuel consumption. This means a great saving for the farmers and important benefits for the environment. In addition, the H3O air blast goes forward and generates the field notebook automatically, providing the exact information of the treatments, which highly improves the food security standards in the benefit of the consumers.

The H3O air blast can be visited at EIMA International (Bologne, Italy) from November 9th to 13th in Pulverizadores Fede stand (Pavillion 25ter, 8B) and in the Technical Innovation Awards zone.


The Group RAESA is a multinational company with branches in many countries and with very diversified businesses. We are known because of our continuous innovation in more efficient irrigation systems, more lasting and easier to install, achieving our clients important results for their businesses and giving importance to economic profitability and technical viability. RAESA continues to bet on I+D+i, improving our products and premises to be competitive at a worldwide level.

Main advantages of RAESA sprinkling irrigation.

  • Possibility to irrigate different kind of crops.
  • Great adaptability to crop rotation.
  • Possibility to use it as frost protection.
  • Option to control the quantity of applied water.
  • Possibility to move irrigation pipes from one plot to another.
  • Easy to install due to its lightness and easy maintenance.
  • Long durability of the pipes, in comparison with other materials, such as plastic and steel.
  • Great fiability of RAESA pipes.
  • Possibility to start with a basic system and improve it later.
  • Possibility to recycle aluminium.
  • Possibility to apply fertigation with RAESA pipes.
  • Availability of a completely automated system and controlled remotely.


SERRAT TRITURADORAS  presents its range of KASTORS mulchers (280, 350, 450 and 550 models) available in working widths between 1,20 m and 2,30 m for tractors between 50 and 150 HP.

The KASTOR is a mulcher equipped with a double pick-up reversible hydraulically designed for the grinding of pruning of walnut, hazelnut, chestnut, olive tres and pruning of vines and fruit trees in general.

It has a rotor (RHENDUEL) of crenellated cleavers, crossing with fixed palate.

Machine for demanding works, with need to deposit very thin remains in the área, avoiding possible plagues and helping to their elimination, for later processes.


VYR S.A., is a Spanish leading Company in the manufacturing of irrigation systems.

Our production system counts with the latest technological developments and thanks to our continuous innovation today we offer one of the widest ranges of sprinklers in the market.

At EIMA 2016 we will present our recent launches:

The new VYR ROTEC, a rotor sprinkler for low pressure & low flow irrigation with an outstanding performance thanks to its engine with double speed positioning.

HYDROPLUS last novelties; our professional smart irrigation management controller system. It interacts with local hydraulic, agronomical and meteorological values adjusting automatically the timing and frequency of irrigation. This tool is one of the most sophisticated in the market and stands out for its modular design, its range of low-power and long-range sensory communications networks.

SKYDROP, a Smart sprinkler controller with WiFi connection. With very easy setup, this controller interacts with local meteorological values adjusting automatically the watering timing and frequency for each zone of your garden.


Once again, RKD Irrigation, S.L. will be at EIMA 2016. Its international character (72% of turnover in 2015 was made abroad) RKD Irrigation S.L. will seek in this new edition to find new growth opportunities. EIMA will be a great opportunity to meet its extensive network of distributors in 45 countries on 5 continents. It will also be the best place to showcase its product range to the large number of international farmers that will attend the event.

RKD’s stand, B54 in Pavilion 21,  will not only show visitors all mechanized irrigation solutions that manufactures, but also its experience and knowledge gained over 35 years. RKD systems ara able to irrigate excellently in the most special situations and with the most demanding growing conditions, soil, water, relief, or climate and weather.

Due to its continuous improvement and innovation for its products and services, RKD Irrigation, S.L. presents at EIMA its new DIGIT-2 controller. This new control panel, which can be handled remotely, shows as main features:

  • Positioning on a plot of circular and lateral irrigation systems by resolver or GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, etc.)
  • Full remote control through Internet with PC or Tablet. Remote control from mobile with APP for Android or Iphone.
  • Full remote control through radio from base station PC up to several kilometers depending on the topography, with the possibility of internet output. Ideal for areas without mobile coverage data.
  • Basic control by SMS text messages through GSM mobile phone network.
  • Control of pumping stations, fertilization & irrigation equipment and other auxiliary systems.
  • Programming irrigation sectors,  with database software control.
  • Smart Irrigation: Ready to connect multiple sensors: soil, water, crop, weather, that trigger startups, shutdowns and changes in irrigation.
  • Time / weekly programming with database software control.


Grupo Chamartin will present at EIMA the ULTRA DRIP, cheaper, more resistant against plugging than any other on the market. It can work with the most difficult kind water. Most market droppers are larger and more expensive, and do not have the filtering properties ULTRA DRIP have. Highly recommended for vegetables, flowers and sugar cane crops.

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