Advanced Stage V engines power the new Massey Ferguson MF 5700 M Series


“The new MF 5700 M Series builds on the huge success of Massey Ferguson’s MF 5700 and MF 6700 ranges. Designed in the 21st Century and manufactured with the most advanced engineering, they contain the latest technology and are ideally suited to a wide range of modern applications,” says Francesco Quaranta, Vice-President Sales, Marketing & Product Management, Massey Ferguson Europe & Middle East.

“Importantly, at the same time, they retain Massey Ferguson’s fundamental values of robust, straightforward and easy-to-use operation, dependability and low cost of ownership,” he adds.

The five models will take over from the existing MF 5700 and MF 6700. While still retaining their reputation as a modern, rugged and hardworking tractor the replacements all now deliver an additional 5hp, apart for the MF 5709 M.

All models come with additional specification including a choice of the superbly engineered 12 x 12 gearbox or renowned Dyna-4 transmission. Specification is further enhanced by options, such as brake to neutral, Visio roof and cab suspension.

With their robust, straightforward design and wide power range these new tractors are versatile workhorses. As well as making the perfect loader tractor combination, they have the power and features to also excel in the field with automated functions easing the workload on operators and increasing performance.

All the new MF 5700 M Series are equipped with 4.4-litre, four-cylinder AGCO Power engines. These comply with the strict Stage V emissions regulations using

Massey Ferguson’s award-winning ‘All-in-One’ system, which now includes a ‘soot catalyst’.

Requiring only a simple occasional ‘regeneration’, the soot catalyst does not require a separate diesel injection system or extra fuel. The driver is in total control of the process, choosing when to operate the system using a switch in the cab.

This advanced system also does not compromise engine operation, maintains the superb fuel economy and remains completely maintenance free, requiring no regular servicing.

Thanks to its mounting position beneath the cab, the All-In-One system helps to maintain the tractor’s perfect visibility.

Massey Ferguson offers the Dyna-4 transmission as standard on the MF 5709 M model and it is offered as an option on the MF 5710 M and MF 5711 M.

Brake to neutral and AutoDrive are also output enhancing options available for Dyna-4 tractors. Brake to neutral automatically disengages drive when the brakes are applied, while Autodrive offers automatic shifting in two modes (Power/Eco mode).

Dyna-4 provides 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds, with four, change on the move powershift speeds in four ranges, which delivers class-leading, simple and convenient control. A left-hand Power Control Lever or T-lever on the right-hand console make operation simple and easy.

Brake to neutral is now also an option on the synchronised 12 x 12 mechanical gearbox. Developed specifically by Massey Ferguson for this tractor series, this modern, robust gearbox offers car-like smooth shifting with hydraulic assistance.

All MF 5700 M tractors are equipped with a sector-leading, high quality cab, offering excellent visibility through wide glass doors and curved quarter windows. The optional Visio roof further improves vision for loader operations.

An ergonomically designed layout ensures ease of use with straightforward operation from features seldom found in this tractor sector. With its modern design, the MF 5700 M provides high levels of control and automation with electro-hydraulic activation of the diff-locks and four-wheel drive.

On Dyna-4 models, further comfort comes from the cab suspension option, which greatly increases operator well-being during long working days. The mechanical system uses two silent block bushes to support the cab at the front and spring-assisted shock absorbers on the rear corners.

New headlights set in the bonnet and a new grill provide a facelift for the MF 5700 M Series, bringing them closer to the attractive family style of higher specification

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