Tractor of the Year 2020 Awards Winner

Thanks to its partnership with TOTY, BKT Looks to the future of mechanization in agriculture with its support for the best European Tractors Award.


Tractor of the Year with MASSEY FERGUSON model MASSEY FERGUSON 8 P. 265

VALTRA G 135 with Best Utility VALTRA model

FENDT 211 V VARIO with Best of Specialized FENDT model

CLAAS AXION 960 CEMOS with Sustainable TOTY CLAAS model


To award Europe’s best tractor the “Tractor of the Year” award, a jury of 26 experts examined the best technologies and solutions put forward by the most important manufacturers in the market.

The partnership between this prestigious award and BKT emerged with the aim of spreading knowledge and expertise in mechanization in agriculture. Sharing the basic parameter of identifying the best projects with a high-tech vision focused on the future, the Indian multinational company exists as an expert in the “tire” component.

With the official award of the award, the future tractor now has its own definition: First of all, calling it a “vehicle” is now reductive; instead it is a real system, a data incubator that is digitally connected with the world through the cloud system. Inside the cabs, which are equipped with all kinds of comfort for the driver, there will be a digital console consisting of screens that can provide all real-time data on the performance of the work, from outside weather conditions to the physical-chemical conditions of the terrain, the level of wear and tear on the tires.

But most of all, today’s tractor is becoming a central and integrated part of the new global approach to agriculture, where the work on the field must be linked solely and specifically to sustainable harvesting, with a global savings that can save both people and the environment.

Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe, said during the awards ceremony, which was broadcast live on the platform: “I am happy to be here with you to find out who won. But beyond being happy, I am very emotional. TOTY has always been a very attractive project. This year is even more exciting due to extraordinary circumstances.

I think TOTY is a tradition, but at the same time it continues to evolve and shows us the future developments in the agricultural sector. TOTY sheds light on the best ideas from top tractor manufacturers. TOTY also means innovation. Its face is forward and sets trends. BKT is proud to be the sponsor of such an extraordinary event of its kind and to play a role in it.

What is not easy for all parties involved is the realization of a project that progresses over a year. Nevertheless, reaching a goal with people who share the same spirit and determination is extremely inspiring and promising.

At this point, let me add that a digital version of TOTY is a complete innovation. As a sponsor, we had the chance to follow all the stages of this extraordinary challenge. It’s nice to be a part of all this. ”

“I personally congratulate the winners of all 4 categories: MASSEY FERGUSON, VALTRA, FENDT and CLAAS -” continued Lucia Salmaso. I was absolutely impressed by research, amazing solutions developed in terms of technology, everything focused on environmental and economic sustainability. Almost science fiction projects and ideas. Yet, as we all see it is all true. In recent months, we have witnessed intense research by manufacturers, and this has been a strong impulse for tire manufacturers like us.

Thank you very much everyone for this; Thank you for increasing the excitement level and the desire to grow and develop. Today we can say that the winner is the future.

I hope that this passion, which we reflect in all our sponsorship projects around the world, reaches TotY audience. Also, we will be even more eager for the challenges next year. ”

“Thanks to the whole team that participated, we were able to produce videos and other special content on very important topics for our industry. Our content spread worldwide, reaching more than 2.5 million people, with over 850,000 views and over 200,000 interactions through digital platforms and social media channels. All this would not have been possible without BKT’s very valuable cooperation, ”said Fabio Zammaretti, Tractor of the Year Award President.

In its first year as the main sponsor, BKT tried to contribute to the success of the initiative by focusing on the participation of people through numerous online events.

According to BKT, this critical situation invited all of us to think creatively, and so many projects were carried out, including education, virtual events and even a new TV channel such as BKT Network. In recent months, the company has broadcast on the BKT Channel, many programs on important issues such as agriculture, as well as other news from the BKT world, including audience participation.

It is part of BKT’s communication style to involve operators, end users, or just those who are interested, by telling and interacting with stories. We see this as a concrete method to grow and develop.

The curtains are closing in the Tractor of the Year (TOTY) 2020 period. BKT, as a privileged observer, places great value on all stimuli and ideas to move on to the next challenge.