Pottinger mowers make working debut at Grassland UK

Following hot on the heels of the launch of the Pottinger Novacat A10 triple mower combination the all new Novacat A9 model shares many of the e features of its larger sibling.

Even in the heaviest of British crops and conditions Pottinger claim this technology really delivers a clean ground contoured cut, excellent even re-growth is ensured, power and fuel consumption are reduced thanks to this clean-cut technology.

The patented “Y Drive” gear train offers vibration free PTO shaft drive along with externally mounted slip clutches that can easily be accessed for maintenance. Housed in the central
main frame the heavy duty central.

Available as a plain disc mower, with Extra Dry tine conditioner or RCB rubber roller conditioner the new Novacat A9 has every base covered for all large farming operations and contractors. Compact overall dimensions in transport ensure that the mower can be transported safely even on the narrowest of country lanes and fully integrated parking stands allow for leaving the mower on site if so required.

The completely new IMPRESS range of fixed and variable chamber balers will be on display at Grassland UK 2018. Offering unique features aplenty and market leading quality innovative design and manufacture this exciting new product range is sure to appeal to wide range of round baler operators.

Debuting at the event and being seen for the first time is the IMPRESS baler wrapper combination models. available in both fixed chamber (125FC) & variable chamber (155VC) models. A smooth hassle-free bale transfer ensures efficient bale transfer even on the steepest of slopes. The Pottinger designed and built twin satellite wrapper unit features satellite arms mounted from below the table to increase wrap stability and application.

A wide range of specifications are available to suit all requirements and budgets.

Standard MASTER models offer manual operation via simple to operate in cab controller. A centrally suspended wide 2.05 m pick up is standard and the option to equip the chopping unit with up to 16 knives for a theoretical chop length of 72 mm is possible. The higher specification PRO models offer automated functions, a super large 2.30 m pick up and up to 32 knives in the FLEXCUT knife bank with a theoretical chop length of 36 mm.

All models feature the patented LIFTUP Rotor technology which offers the perfect flow of crop into the bale chamber guaranteeing the best possible bale start and shape. The patented FLEXCUT knife bank suspends the knives from above ensuring the knife bank remains clean even in the most difficult situations. Ease of access is unrivalled thanks to the waist height EASY MOVE slide out knife bank easily allowing maintenance and sharpening to take place.