New sizes of Alliance 585 launched

Only launched in 2019, the Alliance 585 has already become a bestseller and earned an excellent reputation for delivering top performance and productivity.

This versatile steel-belted tire equally excels on hard surfaces, loose gravel and soil, thus offering the all-in-one choice for challenging surroundings and operations in construction, industry, municipalities, material handling and agriculture. Be it on telehandlers or backhoe and compact loaders.

The Alliance 585 unique tread design, robust construction and durability characterise this tire as “durable specialist for all kinds of challenging operations” that comes with a B speed rating (50 km/h).

“We see growing tendencies towards machines used for a versatile combination of agricultural, construction and industrial types of operation, i.e. machines that are used in various surroundings and for various tasks on a day by day or even hour by hour basis. This requires machines that offer true versatility – such as telehandlers –, and tires that simply deliver a perfect job whatever the circumstances. And that is exactly what the 585 was developed and built for”, explains Gerrit Vinkers, Application Specialist Europe at Alliance Tire Group.

Featuring large and multi-directional tread blocks, the Alliance 585 is characterised by a larger ground contact area. This allows for smooth ride on hard surfaces and superior stability on different machines even with high loads on hilly terrains. At the same time, the higher tread depth with its optimum rubber to void ratio ensures reliable traction and grip, effective self-cleaning abilities on loose surfaces and – all in all – a higher non-skid-depth and thus excellent tire life with lasting performance.

The steel-belted construction, reinforced sidewalls und special compounds all serve the same purpose: These features ensure the active protection against punctures, cuts and damage to the tread, they safeguard the tire flank against damage, and they ensure an optimum load carrying capacity. Again, all this adds up to a truly remarkable, lasting and reliable performance.

Alliance 585 is now available in five new sizes 400/70R18, 400/70R20, 500/70R24, 340/80R18, 440/80R24, and in a previously released size of 460/70R24.