New Holland’s ‘space-age’ kit gets ever-closer to Irish eyes

LAMMA 2018 will be the first opportunity for many UK and Irish farmers to see New Holland’s next-generation, methane-powered tractor.

At the looming event, the manufacturer will also showcase its NHDrive autonomous tractor technology pack, its latest engine technology, alongside updates to its flagship tractor ranges, rotary combines and foragers.

New Holland describes its (second-generation) methane-powered tractor as a potential “game changer“.New Holland

It, says the company, has proven itself to have the “same operational capacities of any conventional tractor, whilst demonstrating the performance and durability of its diesel equivalent”.

New Holland claims that it slashes operating costs by 30%. It produces only 20% of the (pollution) emissions that a conventional, diesel-powered tractor does.

Visitors to the show with an eye for autonomous machinery will likely take a closer look at one of New Holland’s T8 tractors fitted with its NHDrive autonomous technology pack. According to the firm, NHDrive demonstrates the possibilities of supervised automation.

A trio of T7 tractors will be present, including a T7.260, the T7.315 ‘Heavy Duty’ tried and tested by Grassmen and a standard-wheelbase T7.210. LAMMA will be the first opportunity to see the new suspended front axle on the T7 LWBs; it is said to enable better steering control and precision at higher speeds.

Completing New Holland’s on-stand tractor offering at LAMMA will be a selection of mid-range tractors, including: the T5.105 and T5.120; the specialist T4N; the compact Boomer 40; and the new T4S.

New Holland will also display its FPT V20 engine, which is used in its latest self-propelled forage harvester – the FR 920 Forage Cruiser. The engine has been developed specifically for forage harvesting applications; it delivers a whopping 911hp. The FR 550 Forage Cruiser will also be on display.

The manufacturer will also display several examples of its newly-branded implements, including a front and rear-mounted mower.