New format “AgroTech Nordic – Live” to take place in 2021

Special customer focused outdoor events will follow the successful premiere of DLG livestock exhibition in Finland as the first milestone of the new “DLG Finland” subsidiary.

DLG Finland and its partner 2LM announced today that the AgroTech Nordic – Live event will go on tour through Finland starting in the summer of 2021 and provide customer focused outdoor events to the Finnish farmers. This event series, which include exhibitors with solutions particularly relevant for Finland, will allow visitors to experience machinery in their ‘natural environment’ and asses their practical applicability as well as transfer knowledge of current trends and developments in the agriculture industry.

Earlier this autumn Finnish livestock farmers were be able to visit DLG’s new livestock trade fair AgroTech Nordic, formerly “Konekilleri, the only agricultural trade fair to take place in Finland since the pandemic started nine months ago. At the new trade fair held in Jyväskylä, and co-organized with 2LM Corporate Oy, DLG (the German Agricultural Society) also announced the establishment of its subsidiary “DLG Finland” that is set to furnish Finnish farming with agricultural knowledge, a key objective of DLG’s non-profit foundation.

“We are pleased to announce that the DLG has established a new subsidiary, aptly named ‘DLG Finland’ in 2020. This new activity in the Nordic region of Europe is in line with our key objective which, since 1885, has been to further agricultural knowledge across borders.

“This first trade fair held in October this year in Finland represents an important first step to offer the Finnish agricultural sector one new platform that enables the sharing of agricultural equipment knowledge, both at the exhibitor level and at the practical level, though an accompanying technical program. The DLG is an agricultural society with practical farming know-how, achieved over many decades through contributions from competent farmers and experts from Germany and abroad. It is this ‘knowledge network’ that we want to share and bring to Finnish farmers,” said Dr. Lars Huf, Deputy Managing Director of DLG International GmbH.

The AgroTech Nordic – Live events, will take place during the summer of 2021 and will continue to offer farmers a range of relevant livestock equipment, renewable energy solutions and other related farm equipment. The new format of events was selected after consulting with prospective exhibitors and local partners. Importance was placed on offering farmers a timing that fits into their knowledge-gathering schedule. The outdoor events will take place during the summer months before grain harvest, when farmers can take the time to plan future investment in new equipment.

Agriculture in Finland is currently going through a transformation leading to larger sized farms. Famers are now looking for efficient ways to manage such future farms. Trade fair events like AgroTech Nordic – Live 2021 will play an important role for Finnish farmers, presenting a range of technology solutions and best practice examples that suit any particular farm scenario.

The organization of AgroTech Nordic – Live 2021 will be will be carried out by DLG’s new subsidiary, DLG Finland. In the years to come Nordic farmers, including farmers also from neighboring countries like Sweden, are expected to benefit from the practical and well-researched information that the DLG plans to offer in Finland.

With subsidiaries in important agricultural countries such as China, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey, as well as Ukraine, DLG International, which will oversee the new DLG Finland subsidiary, offers international reach and taps into timely, regional topics through over 40 other exhibitions and events in numerous countries worldwide.

The DLG is a non-profit, politically independent, international organization with a global network in agriculture and the food industry. Together with its international subsidiaries, it offers recognized knowledge platforms for the discussion of agricultural topics, trends and strategies, as well as leading business marketplaces for companies to tap into new markets and customers. Trade fairs have been an important part of the DLG’s activities since it was founded in 1885. Its portfolio also includes the world-leading farm machinery exhibition Agritechnica, and EuroTier, the world’s leading trade fair for animal production.