Michelin AgriBib Row Crop tyres on target to achieve exceptional performance for Scottish farmer

Montrose-based potato farmer James D Reid & Partners is reaping the benefit of a decision to change its tyre strategy four years ago, and is on track to achieve 5,000 hours from its original Michelin AgriBib Row Crop tyres.

The customer specified its first ever set of 320/90 R54 AgriBib Row Crop tyres as original equipment for its Fendt 720 tractor, rather than the more traditional wider alternatives. Jimmy Reid, a partner at James D Reid & Partners, says: “The 320s have proven perfect for our row crops, and we’ve since added an identical set for our sprayer too. It is much easier following where the planter’s been when the sprayer has the same tyres on it.

“With many other crops you’re trying to spread the load over a wide area, but we need to keep our footprint narrow and not damage or compact the side of the ridge, which makes these tyres perfect for the job.”

The company uses the row crop tyres and wheels for 60 per cent of the average 1,200 hours the Fendt spends in operation each year, and expects to get up to three years more life from the tyres before they are replaced.

Michelin’s AgriBib Row Crop tyres are designed with thick, rounded tread blocks which offer reduced soil compaction giving farmers improved traction and road handling. The robust crown means the tyres achieve excellent directional stability – essential for row crop work – and the deep tread lugs give good traction. This enables the tractor to move through the rows seamlessly, without damaging the crops.

Commenting on the added value from selecting a Michelin policy, he adds: “The technical support we receive from Michelin is second to none. We’ve known our local account manager Tony Powell for several years and he gives us great advice to ensure we get the most out of our tyres.”

James D Reid & Partners has been on contract to frozen potato products producer McCain’s since 1987. It farms 750 acres from its site Milton of Mathers, in St Cyrus, Scotland, with all replacement tyres supplied by local Michelin Exelagri dealer McConechys Tyre Service in Brechin.