Ktwo launch Spread The Load campaign to raise awareness and support for mental health in farming

Ktwo are one of the biggest British manufacturers of agricultural muck spreaders and trailers and have launched a campaign to raise awareness of mental health in farming and to provide support to those who need it.

Their Spread The Load campaign aims to encourage and help individuals who are feeling overwhelmed to feel more comfortable in sharing their feelings and to know where to seek help.

‘’There are many pressures in life and the farming industry, and we want to use our platforms to raise awareness and share the support networks available. This is a topic close to many of our hearts and an especially difficult time with the covid-19 pandemic, so we wanted to launch the campaign as quickly as we could.’’ Explains Robbie Polson, Ktwo Managing Director.

To start off the campaign, Ktwo launched a dedicated page on their website this month for farmers and their families to find support and advice during difficult times. The page links to many services and charities such as The Farming Community Network’s Farming Help and YANA Rural Health Support which offers a full directory of support services.

“I applaud the Ktwo Spread The Load initiative, the more widely the Farming Help charities are known and what support they can give people in agriculture, the better” States Nina Clancy, CEO of RSABI supporting people in Scottish Agriculture who are also partners of the campaign.

Ktwo are planning to further develop the campaign across their networks in the coming months and are hoping to run a roadshow across the UK in the future to reach more people.

‘’We want to do our best with our own networks to help support mental health in agriculture and give people access to the services available to them. If we can help even just one person at a time of need it will have been worth it.’’ Says Robbie.