KOHLER® Check App The smartphone application for the monitoring and maintenance of Kohler engines

An exceptionally high level of technology is one of the cornerstones which allows Kohler to hold a leading position in the off-road engines sector. Technology is not only a feature of Kohler’s products, but also of all the company’s services, especially after sales.

Fitting into this area is the new KOHLER® Check App, a new smartphone application for the monitoring and maintenance of Kohler engines. KOHLER® Check App is a direct line between the end user and Kohler: gone are the days when users would find themselves alone in the field, attempting to solve problems by trial and error without any support.
KOHLER® Check App provides the end user with a series of advantages which streamline
and simplify engine management compared to the past. It is possible to register an unlimited number of engines in order to keep track of your entire fleet of Kohler engines, making the app extremely advantageous both for end users and for hire companies.
For each engine entered, KOHLER® Check App creates a general overview of the engine’s
condition, in other words a profile which provides the engine’s characteristics and its
documentation, including video tutorials which show how to replace spare parts and use and maintenance handbooks, thus creating a direct channel to Kohler’s official documentation.