INNOVATION AWARD AGRITECHNICA 2019 IN SILVER – Intelligent vibration damping for large square balers

John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co. KG (Halle 13 Stand C40)

Large square balers enable high transport and storage density of plant material and
therefore have achieved major importance in agriculture. However, due to high inertial
and pressing forces, these big balers induce vibrations that subject the tractor cab to
unpleasantly strong pitching movements, which put a strain on the tractor driver.
With intelligent vibration damping, these vibrations are almost completely eliminated
on models of the 7R tractor series in conjunction with balers from John Deere. Based on the signals of the acceleration sensors in the GPS receiver and other signals within the tractor, the continuously adjustable drive is adjusted with the plunger frequency of the baler so that a periodic change of the speed setting compensates for the vibrations created.
No additional hardware is required for this purpose.

This technology specifically developed for active vibration reduction means a considerable
relief for the health and performance of tractor drivers.