INNOVATION AWARD AGRITECHNICA 2019 IN SILVER – Baler Control System for the T7 Tractor

CNH Industrial Deutschland GmbH NEW HOLLAND (Hall 3 Stand A49c)

Large square balers enable high transport and storage density of plant material, and therefore have achieved major importance in agriculture. However, due to the high inertial and pressing forces, big balers induce
vibrations that subject the tractor cab to unpleasantly strong pitching movements that put a strain on the driver.

To reduce this vibration load, a baling mode can be selected on the New Holland T7 tractor series. This modifies the coordination of the front axle suspension and increases the slope of the limiting curve on the engine map. This then avoids oscillation of the tractor- implement combination, the system decouples and a considerable reduction in the vibration load results. No additional hardware is required for this purpose. This passive system is compatible with balers from any manufacturer. This technology,
specifically developed for active vibration reduction, means a considerable relief for the health and performance of the tractor driver.