Abbey adds time saving multi-stage-arm to slurry tanker

Time is money so getting the slurry tanker filled quickly helps to get more loads done per day and also reduces the physical task in loading slurry.

Its unique modular system makes it extremely versatile. From a filling perspective it can fill from Abbey hoppers, high or low transport tanker hoppers, open slurry pits and under-ground storage areas. It can come with the option of a turbo filler for even faster filling times. It has a reach of 2.6m and a suction depts of around 3m.

This new development uses Near-Infra-Red (NIR) technology to measure live the nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and dry matter in the slurry. This allows the farmer to apply exacting nutrients where and when they are needed, this will in turn help to better care for the environment and also significantly reduce artificial fertiliser inputs on-farm. It is precision technology at its best Abbey Machinery claim.