Zero PPM Starts With Best Technology MIBA AG Fully Automated Production Lines

Higher Emission standards and constantly improved materials technology, push the OEM’s to produce more eco-friendly engines.

For more eco-friendly vehicles, it is not enough to use current environmentally friendly materials. Moreover, it requires constant material innovation and the use of it, so that the pollution can be reduced.

Another issue is the R&D studies carried out for the reduction of carbon emissions.
To accomplish this; More efficient combustion system and / or engines having less internal friction resistance, Lighter and / or less air resistant tools are required

Bearings For New Generation Engines

Engine bearings are crucial components, as they influence significantly the functions, performance and lifetime of an engine. Engine bearings are components where the crankshaft rotates. It prevents the forces of the piston and hold the crankshaft in position.

Due to the innovations in the engine technology, engine bearings have to be improved constantly. Therefore, bearings have to be produced with better materials and coating system. Besides these, new generation bearings require tighter tolerances.

SAHIN ENGINE BEARINGS who is one of the pioneers in the Turkish automotive parts industry, is constantly working to innovate the bearings. Therefore, SAHIN ENGINE BEARINGS has started the R&D studies, to produce bearings for the start-stop vehicles technologies.

Lead Free Products

SAHIN ENGINE BEARINGS has made significant progress concerning new lead-free materials and coating technology and is close to finish the developing of them. The new products which will be launched in the near future have higher strength of resistance and less fuel consumption due to lower friction.

Goals; All Engine Types

As SAHIN ENGINE BEARINGS we produce our own raw materials and develop our coating-technology. The modernization of our production facilities is one of our main goals, in order to meet the needs of the OEM’s and we are happy to say that we are very close to the completion of this goal.

We have been cooperating with MİBA AG which is a pioneer company in engine bearing technologies and bearing lines design and production. We signed an agreement for a fully automated new line which will be installed at the beginning of 2015.

The new line will enable us to produce a wider range of bearings with larger diameters up to 135 mm. This will help expand our market share in the heavy-duty and industrial machines segment and serve to a larger customer base and expand our sales internationally to new markets.

With the new production line we will be able to produce bearings for these segments: Passenger vehicles, Light commercial vehicles, Heavy-duty vehicles, Construction machinery belonging to all bearings

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