The work of Turkish engineers; Katsu

AGRIVES Agricultural Machinery Selim Arap answered our questions. 

What is KATSU Project?

For the first time in Turkey, with a diligent R&D study of Turkish engineers and masterfuls for the purpose of transportation and transportation in difficult agricultural conditions such as Turkey, the situation of the KATSU Multi-Purpose Agricultural Vehicle .

Why do you prefer to use the name of Katsu in this vehicle?

The project was developed in cooperation with Mitsubishi Motor’s Japanese engineers. In such a short time, KATSU name, which means the completion of all the production periods of such a vehicle, the approval of its approval and the passing of the production, was appreciated by the Japanese engineers and was meant to be the victory which was awarded by them, we have adopted this brand and put our vehicle KATSU brand.

Since you have positioned KATSU as a new Turkish brand in the automotive sector, why did you choose the engine choice as Mitsubishi?

KATSU has been evaluated by TIP approval of T 4.3 auxiliary tractor by certification bodies. In order to meet our business needs in small and difficult places, we need to see transportation and transportation works in areas such as construction site, park garden, campus, mining, municipal services without needing additional trailers and accessories. Our most important goal is to achieve maximum torque, traction and handling capacity with minimum power and fuel cost. In this sense, Mitsubishi’s heavy-duty diesel water cooled L3 series engine is the most suitable power source for my vehicle. This line of Turkish made motor is not yet produced.

What are the differences of KATSU?

KATSU is primarily designed as a multipurpose agricultural tool, where safety and performance are kept at the highest level with the understanding of human and nature. All national and international standards have been applied on design and equipment based on user safety and comfort, protecting human lives and ensuring environmental safety. In addition to being able to work in difficult terrain conditions, the vehicle was able to move in the traffic of highways, with the awareness that the slightest mistake would cost human life.

The most important feature of KATSU in its original design is; the front and rear double frame set has a strong chassis system that moves with the cradle system in the middle. With this feature, KATSU is prevented from cutting the four wheels independently from the ground even in the most difficult and rough terrain conditions, even in 45 degree openings. This reduces the risk of tipping over, and allows the 4×4 to work with maximum performance as all wheels are grounded. 4×4 and 4×2 passages were made with single lever taking fuel saving and user preference into consideration. All welding applications in the chassis composition are manufactured in international standards.

KATSU has achieved maximum performance with the choice of the ideal engine, with its powerful main gearbox and gearbox configuration. The dashboard system, which can be moved from side to side and backwards, provides an important ease of use for its users.

KATSU has been designed with the most suitable scissors for the loaded condition to provide comfortable and comfortable driving to the user and it is supported by the shock absorber system for the ease of use without load at the same points.

The KATSU special PTO and PTO feature allows users to operate additional equipment. With this feature, many applications such as spraying, spraying, weeding, water pump, cultivator and snow shovel are mounted on the tail shaft to provide multi-purpose usage besides transportation works.

What are your future goals?

The KATSU project is a work of intense labor and efforts of Turkish mufflers. Its contribution to the users all over the world, especially Turkish users, will soon create a huge market. Our most important reference is our customers who use our vehicle. The user photos and videos sent to our social media accounts have been the most important argument in determining our future goals, in a short time, the formation of KATSU friendly fans. Our first target is to reach the production potential which will meet the similar needs in Europe and USA, especially in Africa, especially in the world, by developing different models according to different needs of KATSU series which is the standard single model.

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