Stepping on the gas – Agri Argo powers into future

The family-owned company, Agri Argo is putting in plenty of effort at this year’s Ploughing, with models from both the McCormick and Landini ranges on the stand.

Stepping on the gas – Agri Argo powers into future

Stepping on the gas – Agri Argo powers into future

Like many other machinery manufacturers at the event, the models may not be entirely new but it is the first time they have been on display at an event.

Modern machines

The company has accelerated upgrading the model range over the years and they are now as competent as the mainstream brands, although remaining competitive on price at the farmgate, according to Ben Agar, business development manager for the UK and Ireland.

Of the more notable changes over the last few years is the displacement of the Deutz engines by Kohler in the smaller tractors.

Landini tractor Kohler
The latest tractors aimed at the stock farmer are fitted with the new generation of Kohler engines

The reason being, according to Ben, is that the engines offer as good a build quality as any other manufacturer, while being priced to suit lower value tractors, keeping the cost as tight as possible for less intensive users.

The latest generation of Kohler diesels are also designed on a modular basis with the various exhaust treatment systems and ancillaries, such as high capacity hydraulic pumps, being easily built into the unit at the factory.

Agri Argo – still faithful to FPT

For the larger tractors, the company is still using FPT units which have proven to be reliable and are available in a wide range of configurations suitable for the diversity of tractors offered by Agri Argo.

Sophisticated suspension grease
Safety and comfort are the main advantages of the latest suspension

The larger tractors, from the Series 6 upwards, also offer independent suspension on the front axles as an option.

The rationale behind this more sophisticated arrangement is that it offers both greater comfort and true 4WD, as opposed to damped beam axles which may still struggle to find full grip on uneven ground.

The safety aspect cannot be overlooked either, with front axle suspension offering greater road holding and handling at higher speeds. Lubrication of the suspension is via 11 grease points, a job which, thankfully, can be automated as a further option.

In-house transmission

The line-up also benefits from a recently introduced six-range transmission that, in its standard form, offers 30 forward gears and 15 reverse, designed and built by the company itself.

Argo agri FPT Kohler
The company is delighted with the interest shown at Ploughing 2022

Altogether, Ben is upbeat about the prospects of the the two brands in Ireland. He notes that attending the Ploughing represents a large investment for the parent company.

Looking ahead he sees the determination of the mainline brands to consolidate their dealer networks as being beneficial to the smaller companies, as the displaced dealers, experienced in selling into the modern farming environment, come to recognise Landini and McCormack as viable alternatives.

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