Quad machinery for Greener Grass at FTMTA Show

Co Antrim based manufacturer Quad-X will be showcasing their latest innovations in ATV machinery at FTMTA Farm Machinery Show, (7th- 9th February) in Punchestown Co Kildare. Quad-X manufacture over 100 attachments for ATVs including their acclaimed Power Shredder mowers, Wipeout weed wipers and commercial spec dump trailer.

The Quad-X sowers have been designed for local conditions, using stainless steel components and a 7 stage finishing process for resistance to wet weather conditions and the corrosive nature of fertiliser.  With a frame developed to be up to 85% stronger than all other competitors, and a triple bearing system on the axle, the Quad-X sower range is the most robust and durable in its class.  Although it may not be a product you use every day, it is the type of machine that has to work when you need it.

The Quad-X Pro Spreader has a strong and sturdy steel frame and hopper which avoids any problem of cracks that can appear in plastic hoppers.  A mix of galvanised and plastic coated finish ensures excellent resistance to the corrosive nature of fertiliser.  Its extra wide axle coupled with the low height of the hopper makes for a sower that is very stable.  Flotation tyres make the sower suitable for softer ground.    The Quad-X sower has a 465L capacity with optional extension sides to carry 680L.  It is ground driven and has an unrivalled spreading width, which is easily adjusted by regulating the towing vehicles speed.

Quad-X are renowned for their range of weed control attachments, ideal for use in awkward areas, or where the ground is too wet or difficult to access with a tractor. Quad-X offer a wide range of sprayers and booms and weed wipers suitable to use with any quad, UTV or 4×4. The acclaimed Quad-X Wipeout will be on display at Punchestown – a cleverly designed and patented machine that can detect weeds and apply chemical automatically allowing the operator to concentrate on driving.  Thanks to its double roller system the Wipeout can ensure a weed kill of up to 100% in one pass and since it only applies chemical to the weeds without touching the grass, it has been proven to save up to 97% of chemical costs.