Pottinger’s focus on tillage equipment ‘pays dividends’

his focus appears to be paying off as the Austrian machinery giant generated a turnover of €301m during the 2015/2016 financial year.

This level of turnover, from a company with 1,700 employees, was achieved during a “difficult market situation and an overall downturn in sales in the agriculture technology industry,” the company says.

Grassland technology, such as mowers and wagons, account for 57% of the company’s sales, while tillage and seed drill technology now account for 28% of sales.

This is an increase in sales of 20% in the seed drill sector compared to the previous year.

The company says the enormous effort invested in developing new tillage, seed bed preparation and seed drill products has paid dividends.

The majority (86.5%) of equipment manufactured by the company is exported with 19% of sales destined for Germany and a further 13.5% sold into the French market.

The company’s Managing Director, Heinz Pottinger, explained that the company is involved in a series of expansion projects as a means of investing in the future success of the company.

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