Perfect ground tracking from Pottinger

Pöttinger – the grassland specialist is introducing a new PRO range which consists of the NOVACAT 261, 301 and 351 ALPHA MOTION PRO disc mowers as well as the EUROCAT 311 ALPHA MOTION PRO and ALPHA MOTION PLUS PRO drum-type mowers.

The disc mowers can be used without conditioner with swath doors or in combination with an ED tine conditioner or RCB roller conditioner. The PLUS versions of the drum mowers are available with ED tine conditioners.

Like the MASTER models, the new PRO models are attached to the tractor using a three-point mounting. This makes them easy to attach to any tractor, regardless of size. The cutter bar is easily accessible thanks to the folding front guard. This makes it easier to clean and change the blades.

The cover can be easily removed to provide convenient access for adjusting the suspension springs. The central greasing points on the headstock represent an additional simplification in terms of servicing. The optimised drive train does not require a safety chain for the PTO shafts.

The kinematics of the active support frame have also been used on the new PRO version. On conventional headstocks only the leading linkage responded to bumps in the ground. With the ALPHA MOTION headstock the entire carrier frame adapts to the ground contours. Each movement controls the carrier frame to ensure a “floating cut”. Even at high speeds and over wet ground, which results in a unique conservation of the sward. The mower is guided harmoniously over each bump in the ground, which means that it is less stressed and wear is reduced. This extends the service life, as does the powerful cutter bar featuring TRI DRIVE for better power transmission.