NRF, Europe’s largest aftermarket cooling specialist, invests in warehouses and production

After enlarging its Indian production facility NRF has doubled its aftermarket volume in four years’ time . To facilitate the growth NRF opened new warehouses in Italy, US and Spain last year and now expands its Polish facility to 6500m2.

According to NRF’s MD, Frank Toebes, the aftermarket is all about volume and efficiency. ‘We need to get goods from our Dutch and Indian factories to our customers as efficient as possible without compromising on order fulfilment. The days of surplus margins paying for shipping goods back & forward through Europe are long gone.’

Remarkably and against trend NRF invests in European production too. Frank Toebes: ‘The heart of our firm is in Europe and although we have mass production in India we do produce for niches in Europe, hence we are currently investing in expanding capacity of our truck production line in the Netherlands’.

NRF is a European supplier with 88 years of OE heritage, serving industrial and automotive markets from production facilities in Europe and India. It holds a leading position on the European aftermarket with a full range of engine cooling and air conditioning products.


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