New Mitas plant in Otrokovice visited by international press

Mitas opened its new plant’s doors in Otrokovice to the press members attended from several European countries such as; Poland, Slovakia, Hungaria, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey. The program is started with Mitas officials presentations. Mitas Sales Director Milan Šindelář, Marketing and Sales Director Andrew Mabin, Otrokovice and Zlín Plant Director Josef Křemeček takes their place at the meeting. After the brief the press group had a chance to view factory facilities, under the guidance of factory chief during the tour. Then the press group visited the Rubber technology and testing institute (IGTT). Tyre Testing Laboratory Manager, Pavel Šindler, informed about IGTT activities at his presentation.

In the beginning of 2014 Mitas commenced production of tyres in the new plant in Otrokovice, Czech Republic at full capacity. Construction of the new production hall was completed on 31 May 2013 and on 2 July 2013, the first tyre was cured there. The total investment was about EUR 39.8 million, which includes construction, transfer and modernisation of the production technology. The new Mitas plant in Otrokovice now produces mostly Mitas branded tyres but also Cultor and Continental brands with a production capacity of 42,000 tonnes a year.

“We managed to build this new plant, which is the most advanced of all Mitas production facilities, in under 12 months,” said Josef Křemeček, Otrokovice and Zlín plant director. “Mitas is committed to using the best available technology, and this makes the new plant one of the most advanced in the world in manufacturing agricultural radial rear tyres,“ added Josef Křemeček.

Mitas managed to move all of the tyre production from its previous facility at the Continental Barum industrial park to the new location near the TOMA industrial park in less than a year. Mitas had to move all of its tyre production from the existing Otrokovice production hall, which it had rented for a limited time from Continental since 2004, when Mitas acquired the agricultural tyre division from Continental. The new plant in Otrokovice makes radial agricultural tyres.

“Thanks to close cooperation and investments made in our other plants, we were able to optimise production capacity so the deliveries to our business partners during the process of transition were not affected,” said Jaroslav Čechura, Mitas’ CEO.

Launch of Mitas Premium is successful statistics show
Sales statistics show a growing share of the Mitas Premium product range on deliveries of tyres produced by Mitas to key Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). From January to April 2015 deliveries (in tonnes) of Mitas Premium forms 80% of rear radial sales and further growth of the share is expected throughout the 2015. Continental, Cultor and Mitas tyres forms the rest. Mitas started deliveries of Mitas Premium as a substitute for Continental-branded agriculture tyres to OEMs in January 2015. This confirms acceptance of Mitas Premium tyres by key agriculture manufacturers and their markets.

“Tyres in the Mitas Premium product line are directly comparable with the Continental-branded agricultural tyres that Mitas has produced since 2004,” said Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ marketing and sales director. “A growing share of Mitas Premium already demonstrates that the changeover toward a single premium brand strategy is under way,” added Mabin.

Mitas’ strategy is to build equity in a single brand, namely Mitas. Mitas Premium tyres bear the same premium quality and technical specifications as Continental tyres. The Mitas Premium tyre line consists of rebranded Continental tyres and new products developed solely under the Mitas brand. Currently, Mitas Premium for European markets includes several leading tread designs besides SFT (Super Flexion Tyres) and VF (Very High Flexion) tyres HC 1000, HC 2000, namely also SFT IF (Improved Flexion technology), CHO (Cyclic Harvesting Operation), SST (Silent Speed Tyre), AC 65, HC 70, AC70 T, AC85 Row Crop, AC90 Row Crop and AGRITERRA. Agricultural tyres included in the Mitas Premium product line are designed for high-horsepower machines.

Mitas offers 45 sizes of Super Flexion Tyre
Mitas Super Flexion Tyres (SFT) are made for high-horsepower tractors of more than 180 HP, combine harvesters and grain carts. Mitas SFT draws on the performance of Continental SVT farm tyres which Mitas has been producing since 2004. Under Mitas brand the SFT tyres were introduced on the European markets in July 2014 and Mitas now offers 45 sizes of SFT tyres. The SFT tyre product line plays key role in Mitas Premium product offer which is replacing Continental branded tyres on machinery produced from January 2015.

“Mitas Super Flexion Tyres are our high-end product and a benchmark of tyres for high horse-power machines on the market,” said Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ marketing and sales director.

Portfolio of Mitas SFT includes also the 1250/50R32 SFT, one of the world’s largest agricultural tyres. The size of the tyre is imposing. It weighs 555 kilograms and contains 76.5 m² of cord. Mitas 1250/50R32 SFT 188A8/185B has a diameter of 2.02 meters and is capable of carrying loads of up to 16 tonnes (10 km/h cyclic). The Mitas 1250/50R32 SFT is designed for grain carts and combine harvesters and is available on global markets from September 2014.

Main advantage of Mitas SFT is the flexibility of variable inflation pressure and optimal performance according to application. Flexible ultra-strong sidewalls allow low inflation pressures for high load carrying capacities, gentle ground handling and higher yields.










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